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On this page you will find details of articles written about Crime Traveller - both good and bad. They are listed in date order with the most recent being first in the list.

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Articles about Crime Traveller

  • Crime Traveller (1997)
    IAN FARRINGTON : Reviewing popular culture one thing at a time, 1st Mar 2017.
    Farrington, Ian
    A blog post on why Ian liked Crime Traveller so much - with a Tweet from Anthony Horowitz himself at the end!

  • Watch making in the dark: The intricacy of intimacy in Crime Traveller
    Chapter 8 (p101-120) within Time on TV Edited by Lorna Jowett etal : I.B. Tauris, London, 2016 (ISBN : 9781784530136) Hipple, David
    An academic piece within a book looking at how television has handled time travel.

  • Crime Traveller: celebrating an underappreciated 90s sci-fi
    Den of Geek, 21st Nov 2016
    Stewart, Alistair
    A short piece looking back fondly at Crime Traveller and the legacy and influence on series since.

  • Rewind: Crime Traveller revisited
    Cultbox, 20 Jun 2012
    Smedley, Rob
    A short piece on Crime Traveller.

  • Tube Corn
    Interzone #119 (May 1997)
    Bradley, Wendy
    This is not a favourable article. It nick-picks away at the series, and basically has not one good word to say about it. But hey, no accounting for taste! The author even goes so far as to claim the scripts are, "generated by randomizing a cliche thesaurus"! Cheek!

  • Crime Traveller : A Critical Overview
    Sidle, Philippa
    This is brilliant introductory article for anyone who doesn't know much about the show. Philippa has a look at the main characters, and goes on to look at the relationships between them. The article ends with a brief episode guide. A full text version of this article is avaiable if you want to read it! Just click on the title opposite.

  • Crime Traveller
    SFX #25 (May 1997)
    Boucher, Chris
    p 80-81 : ill
    A review of the series as a whole. Alas Boucher doesn't seem to like the series and attacks it with some relish, giving the show only an "E" rating. Strange how for a magazine that doesn't like it very much, they devote two pages to it, and use all the same photos from the previous edition. Had to fill up space did we boys...?

  • Everybody's talking about...Chloë Annett
    Radio Times, 12-18 April 1997
    Author Not Known
    p 13 : ill
    A very short article profiling Chloë Annett, and her quick rise to fame. Until this year hardly anyone had heard of her, now she's a household name in the UK.

  • Travel Writer
    SFX #24 (April 1997)
    Brown, Anthony
    p 62-65 : ill
    An interview with Anthony Horowitz the creator of Crime Traveller. Horowitz explains where he got his ideas from, and why it's been such a difficult series to write. He also hints at a second series. Although if a second series were commissioned he explains why he wouldn't be writing all eight episodes again.

  • Tamm Travel
    Radio Times, 8-14 March 1997
    Griffiths, Nick
    p 42 : ill
    A short article looking at Mary Tamm who guest starred in episode two of the first series (Death in the Family). Tamm, better known for her role as (Tom Baker's) Doctor Who's Assistant, Romana, explains why she took the part.

  • Let's do the time warp again
    Radio Times, 1-7 March 1997
    Berkman, Marcus
    p 20-22 : ill
    Takes a look at a range of shows which dabble in Time Travel, focusing on Crime Traveller and Goodnight Sweetheart. Being published in the Radio Times means it is a favourable piece, but it's well written, and gives the reader a chance to compare Crime Traveller with other shows. Also states why it's different from those that have gone before.

Articles about Anthony Horowitz

  • Author's mission to find teen film spy
    BBC News, 13 May 2005
    Briggs, Caroline
    British author Anthony Horowitz has been lauded at the Cannes Film Festival, where the movie rights to his book Stormbreaker, about teenage spy Alex Rider, have been sold to Hollywood.

  • Children vote for best new book
    BBC News, 14 June 2003
    Author un-known
    Children have voted Anthony Horowitz's novel about a teenage James Bond the winner of a leading book prize.