Originally written by Anthony Horowitz

Transcribed by Liane Frydland

[Scene: It is 10:00, A team of police dectectives arrive at a train station in a couple of unmarked police cars. The team consists of Grisham (the woman in charge), Slade (Our main leading man!), Morris (A detective who thinks he's brilliant and on his way to the top) and Nicky (a naive young policeman who, while clever still has a lot to learn).]

GRISHAM: Remember we have nothing..not one shred of evidence that ties Silberman to these so called Mansion House murders
SLADE: Except we know he did them
GRISHAM: Which is why this is a watch and wait operation. We only move in if we think he's going to run, understood?
MORRIS: Yes Chief
NICKY: Right Chief
SLADE: (sarcastic tone) With you all the way chief
GRISHAM: (Smiling) Well that makes a change, right let's go

[Scene: Inside Train Station. Slade is sitting at a table drinking tea. Danny is walking up and down a station platform, Nicky is by the exit, and Grisham is on a bridge over the train tracks]

GRISHAM: (talking to herself) Where is he?...Where is he?

[Scene: Slade is drinking tea when he spies a woman walking fast. She is looking flustered and keeps looking around to see if anyone is looking at her. Her name is Holly Turner, and we will meet her later on in the story... We then switch to Nicky by the exit who spies Silberman]

NICKY: (into radio) I've got him, he's by the cash dispenser

[As Nicky puts his radio away, Silberman spots him, and begins to suspect he is being watched. Slade can also see Silberman]

SLADE: (into radio) Something's wrong, he's on to us
GRISHAM: (over radio) No that is not possible
MORRIS: (into radio) Chief? [has trouble understanding her, as he has interference on his radio]
GRISHAM: (into radio) Stay where you are
SLADE: He's gonna make a run for it, I'm going in
GRISHAM: (into radio) NO!

[Slade gets up and starts to walk towards Silberman. Silberman spots him, and runs away]

GRISHAM: (to herself) Damn you Slade

  [Silberman is running down some stairs towards an exit, he is spotted by a security guard (at least I think he's a security guard!)]

(to Silberman) Excuse me sir, can I help you?

  [Slade spies Silberman, and runs down the stairs after him. The security guard repeats his question to Slade. Slade runs past and sees Silberman climb into a black BMW. He spots an unattended motorbike, and borrows it to chase after Silberman. Nicky, Grisham and Danny are running after Slade]

GRISHAM: Where are they? Where's Slade?
NICKY: (pointing to Slade on motorbike) There
GRISHAM: After them!

  [Cue lots of car chase scenes between Silberman and Slade with lots of people jumping out of the way to avoid being run over. The chase leads Slade to a multi-story car park. Silberman tries to ram Slade, but Slade moves out of the way and Silberman crashes through the wall and falls straight into a canal. Grisham, Nicky & Danny then arrive in the car park]

SLADE: He er (nervous cough) He got away

[Scene: The police station where Slade works. Holly Turner is on the phone in her office as Slade and co. walk in]

HOLLY: (into phone) Sodium Hydroxide, but I don't think he'd eaten it. It's in the report, Sodium Hydroxide you find it in soap
GRISHAM: In my office Slade
SLADE: Wait a minute Chief, this is...
GRISHAM: Wait a minute! I have been waiting for months! And now what do we have? Thousands of pounds worth of damage, two people in hospital and not only do we not make an arrest we don't even have a body to put on the mortuary slab!
SLADE: We're still dredging the river
GRISHAM: Oh yes! And with your luck Slade, Silberman will probably float down stream and turn up at the local regatta!
SLADE: Chief...
HOLLY: (to Nicky while Grisham and Slade are still arguing) What happened?
NICKY: (to Turner) It was a complete bulls up, Slade went after Silberman
GRISHAM: Oh you felt it! So that's why you disobeyed my orders and destroyed the entire operation, because you felt it!
HOLLY: Chief
GRISHAM: Not now Turner! (to Slade) You type up that report and then you get out of here
SLADE: Oh, your suspending me, again!
GRISHAM: Oh no I'm not suspending you. This time you are out, for good (walks away)
HOLLY: She can't fire you
SLADE: She just has
HOLLY: Well she's being completely unreasonable, Silberman was a monster
SLADE: You wait 'till you see the papers tomorrow morning. He'll be an innocent victim and I'll be the monster
HOLLY: Grisham is overreacting, I mean nobody is asking the most obvious question. What was Silberman doing at the station?
SLADE: Holly, please. If I could turn back the clock and go and ask him I would but I can't because he's dead. If you don't mind I've got some typing to do (Holly walks back to her office)
NICKY: Bad luck Slade
NICKY: Are you going to have a leaving party?

[Scene: Holly arrives at her flat and meets her landlord outside]

DANNY: Hey Holly
HOLLY: Hey Danny
DANNY: Your home early
HOLLY: Danny, has a package arrived for me?
DANNY: Yeh, it came this morning
HOLLY: Could you get it for me now?
DANNY: Yeh (they go inside, and he picks up the package) UCX electronics?
HOLLY: That's the one
DANNY: The man said it was a bio-dimensional transmuter, is that what you were expecting?
HOLLY: Yes that's right
DANNY: Excuse me for asking but what exactly would you use a bio-dimensional transmuter for?
HOLLY: To dry my hair

[Scene: Turner's flat, she walks into the front room, where we find the time machine. It's approx. 12:30. She removes a part and replaces it with the one from the package. All around the room runs a wire which only breaks where a window is. Shutters cover the windows, and when closed complete the lope of wire and allows the time machine to work. She places a watch holder on her wrist. As she uses the time machine it draws a lot of power from the electricity supply, Danny's TV cuts out, and the lights flicker in the building. A ring of light repeatedly travels up the room, and the clocks on the time machine slowly turns back to a time earlier in the day. Turner removes a timer which reads 3 hours and places it in the holder on her wrist. It start to count down to zero. She leaves the flat, and drives to the train station. She spots Silberman, and follows him. Meanwhile Grisham and co. arrive outside.]

GRISHAM: Remember we have nothing..not one shred of evidence that ties Silberman to these so called Mansion House murders

  [Turner finds Silberman in the left luggage room, but he spots her]

HOLLY: Hi....is this the way to platform three...?
SILBERMAN: Platforms are all up that way (pointing)

  [Holly leaves the station, and Slade spots her looking flustered as she leaves. She arrives back home and as she gets out of the car her watch starts beeping. It read 3 minutes to go. As she makes her way to her apartment the watch beeping takes on a higher pitch. She gets back to her flat, and places the timer on the time machine with only a few seconds to go. The ring of light repeatedly travels back down the room, and Turner turns off the machine. Meanwhile back at the police station...]

SLADE: How many m's in plummeted?
SLADE: You sure?
NICKY: You double the m on the monosyllable if it comes after a prefix beginning with a vowel, provided it isn't a long vowel or an r
SLADE: (typing on a computer) Silberman's car..fell into the river
MORRIS: 'ere Nicky fancy a tenner on the challenger's cup?
NICKY: What?
MORRIS: Mr. Cas, forty-to-one
NICKY: I don't bet...
SLADE: And his horses don't win, what was the last horse you gave me Morris? Limping Boy or was it bag of bones..?
MORRIS: You know...I'm not gonna miss you

  [Holly enters her office clutching a bag with a handkerchief to prevent putting finger prints on it. She calls to Slade into her office and shows him the bag]

HOLLY: Slade

[Scene: Grisham's Office. Grisham is behind her desk listening to Slade. Turner is standing behind Slade. A plastic evidence bag is on Grisham's desk with a knife in it]

SLADE: I suddenly thought to myself, what was Silberman doing at the station. He certainly wasn't there to take a train.
GRISHAM: Why not?
SLADE: Because he had his car parked outside. So then I asked what else do you get at a station, answer left luggage and that's why I decided to check it out.
GRISHAM: And this is what you found (lifting evidence bag), this knife..
HOLLY: I've managed to lift Silberman's finger prints off the hilt, and there are at least three different blood types on the blade
SLADE: It's the blade he always used, what more evidence could you ask for?
GRISHAM: Alright Slade...you may be off the hook this time, but I'll be watching you

[Scene: Turner's office]

SLADE: Thanks, for what you did
HOLLY: That's okay, just took some lateral thinking
SLADE: Wish I could believe that
HOLLY: What do you mean?
SLADE: Well I just can't work out how you did it...There was no way you could have got to the station, checked the left luggage and got back again in half an hour
HOLLY: I was lucky with the traffic
SLADE: You were there weren't you..
HOLLY: Where?
SLADE: At the station..this morning
HOLLY: No (nervous laugh)
SLADE: (leaning on Turner's desk) I saw you...but at the same time I knew you were also here. Strange isn't it? You get to know someone, you like them..you trust them
HOLLY: I can't tell you what you want to know
SLADE: Why not?
HOLLY: Becuase I haven't told anyone
SLADE: You haven't told anyone what?
HOLLY: You wouldn't believe me

[Scene: Slade and Turner are in a cafe called Giovanni's drinking tea]

SLADE: (nearly choking on his tea) A time machine? (laughs)
HOLLY: This is completely confidential. You mustn't breath a word of it to anyone
SLADE: Holly, come on, everyone knows time travel is not possible.... (she gives him a "oh yeah" look) oh, you believe it is?
HOLLY: My father was Frederick Turner, Professor Frederick Turner
HOLLY: Yeh...he's gone. I'm just trying to finish what he began. That's the only reason I'm working in the department, I have to earn enough money to carry on his work, experiments in time travel
SLADE: Do you go into the future?
HOLLY: Don't be silly, how can you travel into what doesn't exist?
SLADE: Oh..oh you go back into history..?
HOLLY: Well...not history a few hours, a few days at most (Slade begins to laugh)...you wouldn't understand (she gets up to leave)
SLADE: No. I'll tell you what I don't understand. Why you're telling me all this
HOLLY: What?
SLADE: Well I thought you were going to tell me the truth
HOLLY: But I've...(Slade laughs)..oh forget it, I shouldn't have wasted my time (she leaves taking a napkin with Giovanni's written on it)
SLADE: Never mind Holly. You can always travel back and give the whole conversation a miss
NICKY: (entering Giovanni's) Slade

[Scene: Nicky and Slade are in a car, Slade is driving]

NICKY: Guy Lombard...(Slade shakes his head) you know Lombard Aviation
SLADE: Never heard of him
NICKY: Lombard Aviation helped Frank Wittle build the first gas powered jet engine back in the 30's. Now they design small commercial jets, like you know the shadow and the FK-7
SLADE: And now Lombard's dead
NICKY: This will be my first suicide
SLADE: How d'you know it's suicide?
NICKY: (reading report) Gun in hand...bullet in head...locked door. It looks like a text book case
SLADE: Depends which text book you read

  [They arrive at the house, there is an ambulance and a caterers van parked outside. In Lombard's study, Guy Lombard is slumped in a chair with blood trickling down the side of his head, a gun in his hand]

GRISHAM: It was after lunch. Lombard came in here locked the door the key's in his pocket, there was one shot
SLADE: What time?
GRISHAM: Two O'clock exactly. There's a wife and a son, they heard the shot, broke the door in, and that's....how they found him
SLADE: Anyone else in the house?
GRISHAM: Yes, his partner Mark Redding, he came in a few moments later
SLADE: And the door was definitely locked?
SLADE: What about these French windows?
GRISHAM: Mmm locked also, from the inside. (Slade opens them and walks out onto the balcony) The wife and son are downstairs Robson.

  [Slade notices a street lamp which has been broken. Looks like it was shot at with a bullet]

SLADE: Who's gun was it?
GRISHAM: Barbara Lombard's, she kept one in her bedside table
SLADE: Was there a note?
SLADE: Unusual, but otherwise I would say it was a text book case
NICKY: Precisely
GRISHAM: Well I don't agree, Lombard was about to sign a deal with a Japanese consortium, they were coming to the house tonight
SLADE: And..?
GRISHAM: And it would have made him almost twenty-five million pounds richer
SLADE: See what you mean...strange time to blow your brains out
GRISHAM: Exactly...look into it Slade, start with the caterers. (Slade Mmmm's) A Mr and Mrs. Wilson. They'd been called in to do a smart dinner after the deal had been signed
SLADE: Yeah I saw their van outside, what about them?
GRISHAM: They were trying to leave in a hurry. I've got Morris keeping an eye on them in a room along there (points)

  [Slade and Nicky walk along to the room, they meet Morris standing outside]

SLADE: Ah Morris, lovely to be working with you again. Are they in there? [Morris opens the door, but they have gone] Great work Morris, you've been guarding an empty bathroom
NICKY: Slade [picking up a napkin]
SLADE: What?
NICKY: A clue (showing Slade the napkin)
SLADE: Thrilling
NICKY: Giovanni's (reading the name off the napkin) that's where you had lunch
SLADE: Oh yeah..(to Morris) have you been in here?
NICKY: Then how did it get here?
SLADE: What's happened to the Wilson's?
MORRIS: I never saw them. I was told to stand outside
SLADE: And you've been outside all the time?
MORRIS: Yeh!..well, I had a call of nature a couple of minutes ago but they wouldn't have known that
SLADE: A call of nature (laughs)
MORRIS: Well I couldn't come in here could I?!
SLADE: (hears the sound of a car racing away and goes to look out a window) That's them, Morris get after them. Nicky get a description, and put out an alert.
NICKY: Right (gives napkin to Slade)

  [Slade walks back to talk to Grisham, but is stopped in the corridor by a man. He's Michael Lombard, the son of the murder victim.]

MICHAEL: Wilson, what are you doing up here?
SLADE: Sorry are you talking to me?
MICHAEL: Well what are you doing, what's going on?
SLADE: My name's not Wilson
MICHAEL: What do you mean. You were here this morning
SLADE: Who are you?
MICHAEL: I'm Michael Lombard, you know perfectly well
SLADE: Wait a minute, are you saying you've seen me here before?
MICHAEL: You came here this morning, for the catering...(Slade looks at the napkin)

[Scene: A supermarket, Turner is shopping for food]

SLADE: Please don't throw your frozen peas at me, I just want to talk. I've decided that I believe you
HOLLY: Good for you
SLADE: No, what I mean is, maybe this morning I was a little...
SLADE: Hasty, I mean you know UFO's, ghosts..time travel, have to keep an open mind don't you
HOLLY: Right
SLADE: Okay then, so if it's all right with you. I'll a, I'm ready to give it a go

  [Slade and Turner are walking to her car, they pass a betting shop along the way]

HOLLY: The answer's no
SLADE: Oh come on please!
HOLLY: No, No, No
SLADE: Your in two minds about it then! (a man comes out of the betting shop) Oh excuse me sir did you hear the result of the challengers cup?
Yeh, Mr. Cas forty-to-one
SLADE: Wow, Holly! Come on, what are you afraid of? If your machine really works...
HOLLY: Oh it works!
SLADE: Well, that's what you say, but if you're such a hot shot scientist why don't you do the one thing it all comes down to, prove it!

[Scene:Turner's flat. Slade is looking at the time machine]

SLADE: Is this it?
SLADE: It looks like a...
HOLLY: Spare me the inane comparisons please
SLADE: How far will it send me back?
HOLLY: No way of saying, could be a few hours, could be a week
SLADE: A week! how will I get back again?
HOLLY: You wait seven days, simple as that. You just live the same seven days twice
SLADE: Will I get to meet myself?
HOLLY: Not unless you want to cause a temporal schism
SLADE: Oh dear, wouldn't want that....What else do I need to know?
HOLLY: We have to be back at the machine at the same moment, and I mean the same half second that we left
SLADE: Go on
HOLLY: If we're late getting back, we'll be trapped in a loop of infinity. Always living the same days, travelling back in time and doing it all again
SLADE: What's this? (picks up the timer)
HOLLY: It's crucial to the whole thing

  [Just then a car is heard skidding to a halt outside the flat. Turner and Slade look out the window]

SLADE: Oh it's a car accident
DANNY: (on street below) Oy! Come back here, what'cha think your playing at...
HOLLY: (at same time as Danny is speaking) It's Danny
SLADE: You know him?
SLADE: Do you wanna go down?
HOLLY: And leave you here on your own? I don't think so (closes shutters over window) excuse me. You want me to prove it, fine. I'll prove it. But this is a once only Slade.
SLADE: What shall I do?
HOLLY: Nothing, just sit down there
SLADE: Here?
HOLLY: (closes the other shutters over her windows, and sits down in front of the time machine). Look even assuming we do travel back far enough there is nothing you can do to prevent this crime from happening
SLADE: Are you gonna try and stop me?
HOLLY: Time will stop you, if something has happened, it will happen. It's one of the laws of time

  [Turner flips a few switches, and the time machine is activated. The ring of light travels up the room and the clocks go backwards]
SLADE: Is that it?
HOLLY: That was it
SLADE: What did you do, photocopy us?
HOLLY: Eight Twenty-five in the morning, it's given us ten hours (she says whilst removing the timer from the machine and placing it in the holder on her wrist)
SLADE: Eight Twenty-five, that's what my watch says too!
HOLLY: Just get this into your head. This watch is synchronised with the machine. It'll beep once when we have an hour left, then continuously for the last three minutes. We have to be back in this room by then
SLADE: Right, if you say so. Well come on then, what are we waiting for?

  [They leave the flat, and meet Danny outside cleaning his now "not crashed" car]

SLADE: You're Danny
SLADE: This is your car
HOLLY: (whispers) Slade
SLADE: No, no wait a...um..Danny about a minute ago..
  That wasn't a minute ago..
SLADE: Oh no..(to Danny) Sorry..be careful how you drive (they walk off down the road). This is incredible! It's fantastic I've travelled in time. You did it!
HOLLY: It wasn't me, it was my father
SLADE: I'm here with you now, but I'm also in the office. And Guy Lombard, must still be alive...wow. Have you ever thought about what you could do with a machine like that?
HOLLY: Oh..no, I'm not interested
SLADE: Oh come on, don't you want to know who killed him?
SLADE: Well I do, and we'll start there (points to a catering van which is the same as the one outside the house where Lombard was killed)

[Scene: Inside the caterers, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are cooking when Slade and Turner come in]

SLADE: Mr. Wilson?
SLADE: I see you've made sushi
SLADE: (pointing a gun at Mr. Wilson) Department of Health. Your under arrest

[Scene: Outside the caterers, Turner and Slade are borrowing one of their vans.]

HOLLY: We can't do this
SLADE: Yes we can (hands her his coat), get in
HOLLY: What!
SLADE: Get in!

  [Turner and Slade drive off leaving Mr. and Mrs. Wilson tied up]

HOLLY: You tied those people up! You can't do that! Is that how you always work?

  [They arrive at Guy Lombards house. Scene: Guy Lombards office. Guy is behind his desk, Slade and Turner are pretending to be Mr. & Mrs. Wilson]

GUY: I'm very glad to see you Mr. Wilson, did you do the sushi?
SLADE: Yes, it's er, it's in the van
GUY: Good, you can start by cooking lunch, let's get a taste of what you can do. We eat at one fifteen
SLADE: Mrs. Wilson can do her cheese soufflé, (to Turner) can't you my darling?
HOLLY: What?
SLADE: Cheese soufflé!
HOLLY: Oh! Right
GUY: And you can bring me some coffee, might as well use you while your here
SLADE: Right (Slade and Turner turn to leave)
BARBARA: (opens door as Slade & Turner are leaving) Guy
GUY: Ah, there you are, where have you been?
BARBARA: Having my nails done
GUY: Another action packed day! (to Slade and Turner) This is Barbara my wife
SLADE: How do you do (offering a hand to shake, but she refuses)
GUY: She'll show you the kitchen (to Barbara) All set for tonight?
BARBARA: Yes dear
GUY: These people are important, make sure you don't talk to much (Slade, Turner and Barbara leave the office)
BARBARA: This evening matters a lot to my husband Mr. Wilson
SLADE: Oh I'm sure
BARBARA: (walking downstairs to the kitchen with Slade and Turner following) The contract will be signed at seven. You can serve the Champaign then. We'll eat at eight.
SLADE: I understand your husband is selling his company to the Japanese
BARBARA: That's completely confidential..
HOLLY: Your..husband mentioned it just now
BARBARA: Did he? (walks into kitchen)..Well it's important that everything goes smoothly. Guy has a...he can be quite bad tempered
MICHAEL: (entering the kitchen) Mother, what's going on?
BARBARA: (to Turner and Slade) This is my son Michael, (to Michael) these are the caterers, Mr. and Mrs...eh
SLADE: Wilson
MICHAEL: So it's still going ahead? No eleventh hour miracle?
BARBARA: Michael
MICHAEL: No, no no no, great! Champaign and caviar, well you have admit when the old man screws you he does it with style (he leaves)
BARBARA: Excuse me (to Michael) Michael darling I need to talk to you (leaves to follow Michael)
SLADE: Right! You better get started on the old soufflé then, Mrs. W
HOLLY: I can't cook
SLADE: I beg your pardon? Are you telling me you can build a time machine but you can't cook a cheese soufflé? You've got your priorities all wrong. Right now then...I wonder where they keep this coffee..(opens a cupboard)

[Scene: Slade is taking coffee to Lombards office. However he hears voices and stops to listen. Inside the office is Guy Lombard and his business partner Mark Redding]

MARK: This isn't just about money Guy, what about the company?
GUY: Of course it's about money! You might be my partner Mark, but your a fool
MARK: But the Japanese aren't interested in aviation, they never have been. They'll just take the new engine designs and close down everything
GUY: That's not my problem (knock on door, and Slade walks in) Come, Ah my coffee, about time too, just put it down there
MARK: What about the people who work for us Guy? We've got people who've been with us for twenty years. People who worked with your father
GUY: My father gave the company to me, and I'm selling it (sees Slade hasn't left the room) That's all right you can go (Slade leaves but eavesdrops outside the door)
MARK: Look...I say we hang on. The FK-72 is going to be the quietest engine on the market. Once the new regulations come in.
GUY: The answer's no
MARK: I won't let you do this Guy, I simply won't let you do it
GUY: And how are you going to stop me? Oh don't waste my time Mark, get out of here! (Slade runs to the stairs)

[Scene: Turner is placing something possibly resembling a soufflé in the oven when Slade walks into the kitchen]

SLADE: How's it going?
HOLLY: It's in the oven
SLADE: I hope it's better than your toast! (pointing to a smoking toaster. Turner rushes to get the toast out) Right it's five to one, you serving this lunch or what?
HOLLY: Thought that was your job Mr. Wilson
SLADE: If they ask tell them I've gone to polish the chopsticks
HOLLY: Where as in fact...?
SLADE: The gun. According to Grisham Barbara Lombard kept the gun in her bedside table, and I'm gonna get rid of it

[Scene: The Lombard family and Mark Redding are in the dinning room awaiting their lunch]

MICHAEL: It was Grandpa's business not yours, he would never have allowed you to sell out
GUY: I do not talk business at the lunch table
MARK: I don't believe your doing this
BARBARA: Guy, You did promise Michael
GUY: What do you know about anything if you can't wear it or eat it?
BARBARA: That's a horrible thing to say..(Turner enters carrying a very sunken soufflé)
HOLLY: Soufflé (placing it on the table, she then leaves)

[Scene: Slade is going through Barbara Lombard's bedside table. He finds a locked draw, and fumbles around for a key. He finds it and opens the draw. He takes out the gun, and then re-locks the draws. Downstairs he meets Turner]

HOLLY: Did you find it?
SLADE: (holding up the gun) Yep! (they walk out to the garden where Slade removes the clip, and then throws both the gun and clip into the bushes) So much for your laws of time..
HOLLY: Fine, okay you proved your point now let's go
SLADE: Hang on a minute (Slade notices something)
HOLLY: What!?
SLADE: The lamp...(points to street lamp)
HOLLY: What about it?
SLADE: It's not broken (they walk to lamp). When I got here, I mean when I get here, that glass was smashed
HOLLY: So it gets broken, so what?
SLADE: Yeah, but how? (Slade turns and sees the balcony to Lombard's office just behind him)
HOLLY: We've got to go...Slade

  [Slade runs back into the house and up the stairs. Turner stays downstairs. Slade goes into Lombards office and looks through his filing cabinets. While at his desk, Lombard walks in..]

GUY: What's your game?
SLADE: Mr. Lombard, I was just....
GUY: I know what you were doing, your not a caterer at all are you. (opens a draw)
SLADE: How did you guess...(Guy pulls out a gun, and points it at Slade)
GUY: Well it's lucky I'm always ready for petty thieves
SLADE: You've got a gun...a second gun..
GUY: What are you talking about?
SLADE: Two guns...Mr. Lombard you must listen to me, I came here to warn you..
GUY: Warn me? About what?
SLADE: It's..um..bit hard to explain..
GUY: Well I don't want to know
SLADE: I think you do
GUY: I do not. One more word out of you and I'll shoot you where you stand (phone rings) Don't move...(he answers the phone)...I said stay there! (into phone) Yes? Mr. Moratta one moment please (places phone against chest) I should call the police, normally I would, but I can't be dealing with scum like you. Not today of all days, so get out of my house and think yourself lucky..
SLADE: Mr. Lombard, you've got it all wrong..
GUY: I'm only going to give you this one chance (points gun threateningly)
SLADE: One chance, right..okay right...(leaves quickly!)
GUY: Mr. Moratta...yes, I was looking forward to meeting you to...(Slade look at his watch it says ten to two)..the papers are all ready, but we may have to go out for lunch...(Slade runs downstairs)
SLADE: Where are they?
SLADE: The others, Barbara Lombard and the rest of them
HOLLY: I don't know, she's..she's outside, I think the partner went upstairs. What's happened?
SLADE: Two guns. He caught me in the study, look we've got to find out where everyone is
HOLLY: He's going to be shot in four minutes
SLADE: I know! (Slade runs back up stairs in time to see the door to Lombard's office closing)
GUY: (to person in office) What d'ya want?
SLADE: (tries door, but it's locked. A gun shot is heard but it uses a silencer) Mr. Lombard! (looks through key-hole sees Lombard dead, and someone walk past him) [thinks] can't be dead yet, it's not two O'clock...(looks at watch, it's two minutes to two)

[Scene: Slade goes to an adjacent room, and climbs out the window. He moves towards Lombard's balcony via a drain pipe. Just as he gets there, a hand with a gun shots out of the balcony. A shot is heard and Slade falls from the balcony onto a swing hammock. He blacks out for a moment]

HOLLY: Slade..Slade...Slade...(he stirs) Oh my god (Slade has a gash on his forehead)
SLADE: No it's...okay I'm all right
HOLLY: I've been looking everywhere for you, what happened?
SLADE: Someone shot me
HOLLY: Someone tried to kill you?
SLADE: No..no..that's the odd thing, they er, they weren't aiming they just fired (he turns and looks at the street lamp) He smashed the lamp
HOLLY: Did you see who shot Lombard? (Slade Mmm's then shakes his head) Oh that's marvellous!
SLADE: I don't know what I saw
HOLLY: That's really, really brilliant. Slade the local police are here and so is Grisham. That means your on your way to, do you understand me? We've got to go.

[Scene: Lombard's house. Grisham is talking to Barbara, Michael and Mark. Morris is also in the room]

BARBARA: He was always so kind to me, so generous. I..I still can't believe..
MICHAEL: It's all right Mother
GRISHAM: And did you ever argue with Mr. Lombard, Mr. Redding?
MARK: No, never..no no. We always saw things much the same way
GRISHAM: Will you be taking over the company now he's gone?
MICHAEL: No...No, that would be me. It was very much what my father wanted

[Scene: Slade and Turner are sneaking around outside the house trying not to be spotted by anyone. They are trying to make their way back to the van they came in.]

HOLLY: Slade...
SLADE: Will you relax Holly...we've got plenty of time it's a thirty minute drive. (they reach the van)
POLICEMAN: Can I help you sir? (walking to towards Slade and Turner)
SLADE: Officer
POLICEMAN: Is this..eh..your van?
SLADE: Yes..
HOLLY: We're the caterers
SLADE: But it looks as if dinner's off
HOLLY: So we're going
SLADE: So we're off to
POLICEMAN: I'm under orders sir, nobody's leaving the house
SLADE: Officer....(punches policeman in the stomach)..(to Turner) get in
HOLLY: We can't just...
SLADE: Get in! (they climb in the van)..Oh no the keys, I left them in the kitchen

  [Slade makes a dash for the kitchen, but gets caught. Turner and Slade are then put in a room]

POLICEMAN: Your not going anywhere

[Scene: Policeman is talking to Grisham down the hall. Morris is also there]

GRISHAM: The caterers?
GRISHAM: Well, Slade can deal with them when he gets here. (to Morris) Morris you'd better go stand guard outside the room
MORRIS: Yes Chief

[Scene: The room in which Slade and Turner are being held. Morris and the policeman (Whitby) can be heard through the door]

MORRIS: Alright Whitby you can go downstairs
MORRIS: By the way, is there a bathroom up 'ere?
WHITBY: That is the bathroom sir
HOLLY: That's Morris
HOLLY: You do realise if he opens the door we're finished
SLADE: There's gotta be a way out of here
HOLLY: What makes you so sure?
SLADE: Because we weren't here when I arrived (goes to window), speak of devil, here I am now (sees his car arriving). What did you say would happen if I met myself?
HOLLY: It could be catastrophic. The clash of two temporal dimensions
SLADE: Only catastrophic ay? Right there's gotta be a way out, have you got a handkerchief or something? (Turner gives him a napkin with Giovanni's written on it, and he proceeds to remove some bottles from the window sill) Don't wanna leave any finger prints do we! (opens window) Your right it's too far. (whispers) okay, think think think, there must be a way out....(Turner's timer starts beeping) What's that noise?
HOLLY: One hour...and if we don't get back..
SLADE: What?
HOLLY: The loop of infinity, I told you
SLADE: Oh yes of course...
HOLLY: But I didn't tell you about my father...
SLADE: Why, what happened to him?
HOLLY: The last time he travelled he didn't' get back. He was late Slade, and he got trapped. And that is exactly what is going to happen to us

  [Morris is seen jumping up and down in front of the door (he badly needs a bathroom!). Slade kneels down and looks through the keyhole]

HOLLY: What are you doing?
SLADE: Morris's call of nature...he told me

  [Morris leaves. Slade and Turner leave the room, and go downstairs. Slade stops in the kitchen to pick up the keys, and they make a dash for the van]

SLADE: (starting the engine) Right, let's get out of here, before Morris and come after us.
HOLLY: Why would they do that?
SLADE: Because I order them too!
HOLLY: Look out!

  [Another catering van appears on the road, and they almost crash into it. The real Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are in it]

HOLLY: It's them
MRS WILSON: (to Mr. Wilson) George!
MR WILSON: (to Mrs. Wilson) Don't move..Just don't move!
HOLLY: Slade..get us out of here
SLADE: Right

  [Slade drives off, leaving a confused Mr. and Mrs. Wilson behind. Back at the house, Nicky is talking into the radio of his car]

NICKY: It's a white van, number plate unknown. But it does have a knife, a fork and a spoon on the side. (here's a car approaching. It's the van Mr. & Mrs. Wilson are driving) And, eh, actually it seems to have come back again
MORRIS: George Wilson?
MORRIS: You're the caterer?
MORRIS: Good! You're under arrest
MR WILSON: What? (Mrs. Wilson starts to cry)

[Scene: A back alley near Turner's home. Slade parks the van here, and they get out]

HOLLY: Why are we leaving it here?
SLADE: We can't leave it outside your flat can we? I think a white van with a knife, fork and spoon on the side of it might be slightly conspicuous
HOLLY: Fine. But we've only got ten minutes
SLADE: It'll be okay as long as we're not seen (a policeman policeman spots them). This way (they run). Wait, listen split up, meet back at the flat

  [They split up and run. Slade passes a betting shop, and can't resist the chance of going in and making a bet]

POLICEMAN 2 : We've lost them

[Scene: Near Turner's flat, Turner is looking out for Slade]

SLADE: Sorry
HOLLY: What kept you?
SLADE: Had to...eh...shake them off. What's the time?
HOLLY: We've got three minutes (timer starts to beep continuously)
SLADE: See, told you. We'll be fine
HOLLY: Watch Out!

  [A car swerves to avoid hitting them. It is Danny, and he crashes his car]

SLADE: It's Danny. It was us, it was our fault
HOLLY: What d'ya want to do, go back and exchange phone numbers? We haven't got time. (timer beeps more loudly) Two minutes.

  [They run to the lift, but it takes too long, so they take the stairs. Turner tries to open her front door]

SLADE: Come on! (they run into the front room)
HOLLY: Shut the door

  [Slade shuts the front room door, completing the loop of wire. Turner places the timer back on the time machine. The ring of light travels repeatedly down the room]

SLADE: Are we back?
HOLLY: We're back
SLADE: Phew!
HOLLY: You're not injured anymore. (Slade Mmm's) Your head
SLADE: (touches his head, then looks at reflection in a glass panel of a cabinet) It's gone! (Turner nods) How come?
HOLLY: Parallel dimensions. You weren't injured when you left. So your not injured now
SLADE: You know, you really are a genius
HOLLY: And you are completely irresponsible. We could have been killed
SLADE: It's fantastic. You travelled in time. I travelled in time! We did it
HOLLY: (smiles) I'm sorry you didn't find out what you wanted to know
SLADE: Oh don't worry, I found out enough

[Scene: Police station. Slade and Nicky enter Grisham's office. Turner is also present]

SLADE: Chief?
GRISHAM: What do you want Slade? Shouldn't you be out investigating the Lombard case?
SLADE: Yes. That's what I wanted to talk to you about, thought you might be interested in this
GRISHAM: What is it?
NICKY: It's the charge sheet Chief (handing it to her)
GRISHAM: It's a bit quick isn't it? Who have you arrested?

  [Mark Redding is brought pass Grisham's office on his way to the cells by Morris]

MARK: That's Wilson, what's he doing here
MORRIS: It's not Wilson. His name's Slade
MARK: What, he's a detective?
MORRIS: (sarcastic tone) Yeah
MARK: But he can't be. He was there
MORRIS: Yeah..and so was father Christmas! Come on (walks Mark to the cells)
MARK: He was there! He was there before I'd did it...
SLADE: Lombard was already dead at two O'clock. Mark Redding had shot him using a silenced gun a few minutes earlier
GRISHAM: But everybody heard one shot at two O'clock
SLADE: No..that was the second shot. Redding sets everything up to look like suicide, key in the pocket, doors and windows locked. He then fires a second shot this time without a silencer to bring Barbara and Michael Lombard into the room
GRISHAM: And where's he?
SLADE: He's hiding behind the door. There's was an alcove next to the shelving unit, so Barbara and Michael don't see him as they come into the room, and up to the body. A moment later he steps out and it looks like he's just followed them in
GRISHAM: Remarkable detective work Slade. How did you work it out?
SLADE: Well Redding was unlucky his second shot just happened to hit a lamp in the garden. And I noticed the glass was broken, and that was when everything began to make sense
GRISHAM: A broken lamp!? You worked it all out from a broken lamp?
SLADE: It just, took a little bit of time

[Scene: Restaurant, Slade is treating Turner to dinner]

HOLLY: Nice food, expensive wine..you trying to get around me Slade?
SLADE: What ever gave you that idea?
HOLLY: I'm beginning to know you
SLADE: Well I was just wondering that if in the future I...
HOLLY: Never again! That was the deal (gives him a look)
SLADE: Yep, that was the deal..(a waiter arrives with their meal) Mmmm, now that's what I call a cheese soufflé!
HOLLY: This is going to cost you a fortune. How can you afford to pay for it on your salary?
SLADE: Oh I meant to tell you (opens his wallet and takes out a betting slip) I just happened to be passing a betting shop while we were away on our travels. Mr. Cas forty-to-one (kisses the slip) How could I resist?
HOLLY: It doesn't work like that. Putting money on a horse knowing the result. You couldn't know the result because the race hadn't run yet. It's a paradox. (Slade looks at the slip) So...that's a blank piece of paper. I did warn you. Time has rules, just like the rest of life. It won't let you cheat, and nor will I .(Slade rips up the slip) Looks like your going to be doing the washing up..
SLADE: I wonder if they'll let us cook? (they both smile)