Background information > Rules of time travel

The use of the Time Machine in Crime Traveller is governed by The Rules of Time. These are rules Holly Turner follows and determine what you can and can't do. I have read somewhere that there are ten Rules of Time. However I still don't know all of them, so if you know of any that are not listed here, please email me at

The Rules (in no particular order) are:-

  • You can't change the past, whatever happened will happen.
  • You must be back at the machine the same moment you left it. If not you will be stuck in a repeating loop of infinity, doomed to live the same time (dependent on how far back you go) again and again.
  • You cannot exist in more than two time zones at any given time. Thus if you travel back only three minutes, but you want to travel back further you can't. As you already exist in those three minutes twice.
  • In order to get back to the time you left, you must re-live the past. (okay so I'm not sure that's a law, but it sounds good plus it's true, so humour me!)
  • You can never meet yourself in the past. This would have terrible consequences which will seriously effect your health...and everyone else's!
  • You can't cheat! - Time won't let you