Fan fiction > Deadly Secret

by Lauren Jane

  Scene: 10:46am, Primrose Court, London. Slade's car pulls up quickly outside the luxury flats and he and Holly jump out. Running up the stairs to Flat 12, he and Holly walk through the open door to be faced with Grisham.

GRISHAM: Oh on time this morning Slade? Will wonders never cease?

  [Clearly not in the mood for her sarcasm Slade rolls his eyes and turns away, Holly stands awkwardly beside Grisham.]

SLADE: Who was it?
GRISHAM: her name was Hayley Dunlow, aged 24, shot dead at 9:35 this morning. A neighbour heard the shot and called us.
  Slade steps forward into the living room where forensics are taking samples from the rug. A chalk outline has been drawn upon the laminate flooring, he cringes.
SLADE: Fell awkwardly didn't she.
GRISHAM: (nods) Nicky and Morris are interviewing the other residents as we speak.
SLADE: The gun?
GRISHAM: Not here, it's obviously been taken with the killer.
HOLLY: Has the flat been searched yet?
GRISHAM: Not entirely Turner, I was wondering if you'd have a real look round.
  Holly nods. Slade looks at her and she looks away, he turns back to Grisham.
SLADE: Anyone seen running away?
GRISHAM: A figure wearing black and a motorcycle helmet. Seen running out onto the fore court and getting on the motorbike to make a quick getaway.
SLADE: Who saw them?
GRISHAM: The Lady next door, Tracey Faith. We have to be quick about this one Slade, Hayley worked for the newspapers and this will leak quickly into press.
HOLLY: Which is precisely where we don't want it to be.
GRISHAM: Exactly Turner. Slade you go and talk to Tracey, Holly have a nose round for me see what you can find. I'm calling you all into the office in an hour don't be late.
  Slade nods
HOLLY: Yes chief.

  [Grisham turns to leave and stops, turning her head.]

GRISHAM: And Slade?
SLADE: Yes chief?
GRISHAM: Cheer up.

[Slade looks away, his eyes meet Holly's. They stare for a second before she turns away and begins to look through books aligned behind her on the mantel. Slade walks over to her, leaning over her shoulder he speaks quietly into her ear.]

SLADE: We need to talk.
HOLLY: Not now Slade.
SLADE: Well when then?

  [Holly turns to face him, her face is hard but her eyes soft.]

HOLLY: I said thank you for the crystal Slade, that's all there is to say, thank you. What else do you want to hear?
SLADE: (forceful whisper) you know what I want to hear Holly.

  [Holly looks into his eyes, suddenly she pulls her gaze away.]

HOLLY: Haven't you got witnesses to question?

  [Slade pauses, suddenly, agitated he lets go of Holly's arm and walks out. She watches him leave for a second an opens her mouth to call him back. A change of heart sees her turn back to the mantel, slowly a tear falls down her cheek onto one of the covers of the books.]


  Scene: Tracey's flat

SLADE: So, what happened?
TRACEY: I have told you already you know (sighs) I was blow drying my hair getting ready for work when I heard a shot form next door. I ran out into the hallway and saw a figure running out of her flat dressed in black with a motorcycle helmet.
SLADE: Did you go after them?
TRACEY: you're kidding aren't you, I can't run! No I ran to the window that's when I saw them jump onto the motorbike and speed off, then I called you.
SLADE: Did you know Hayley?
TRACEY: I knew of her, her attitude.
SLADE: Attitude?
TRACEY: Loud music, late night visitors. She only works for the papers I'm surprised she could afford a place like this.
SLADE: When you say late night visitors what do you mean?
TRACEY: there was a bloke, quite old.I reckon he was her bit on the side. Looked very well off, sharp suits and all that. He'd come round some nights, late like.
SLADE: Did you catch a name?
TRACEY: Well its only rumour but I've heard it was Frank Gardener, owner of Gardener's fittings.
SLADE: You think they were having an affair?
TRACEY: I don't know, you'll have to ask him that won't you.
HOLLY: Slade.

  [Slade turns to see Holly in the door way holding a business card.]

HOLLY: Found it in her dresser. it's for a company called Gardener?
SLADE: Sure.

  [Slade smiles and turns back to Tracey.]
SLADE: Thanks very much Mrs Faith.

  [Cut to gardener's office. Slade has brought Holly with him, they both stand in front of his desk.]

SLADE: Hayley's neighbour said she had a regular visitor. Male, older, apparently rich.
FRANK: And you instantly thought me? I'm not the only rich old man that lives around here you know.
SLADE: So you're saying you never met Hayley Dunlow?
FRANK: Yes I am.
SLADE: How do you explain this Mr Gardener?

  [Slade picks up an evidence back with the business card inside. Frank flinches but retains his composure.]

FRANK: Perhaps she was a client.
HOLLY: And what exactly does this company do?
FRANK: Gardens, we do people's gardens you know, paving, plants, water features.
SLADE: Oh yes. Hayley lived in a flat Mr Gardener, two floors up.
HOLLY: Wouldn't say she had much need for your business side would you Mr Gardener?


Scene: Grisham and Slade are interviewing Mr Gardener.

SLADE: So now you admit you knew Hayley Dunlow?
FRANK: I knew of her, she was a reporter.
GRISHAM: For the Metro. Not exactly high profile is it Mr Gardener?

  [Frank shifts in his seat uncomfortably.]

SLADE: Did you ever see Hayley out of work, did you visit her flat?
FRANK: I told you, no.
SLADE: So how did her business card get there?
FRANK: Maybe a friend gave it to her.
GRISHAM: Maybe a friend gave it to her.

FRANK: [Frank leans forward, agitated.] Look I did not know Hayley Dunlow, I was not seeing her and I did not kill her. What you have is circumstantial. You've got nothing on me and you'll scare nothing out of me. I'm not saying another word now without my solicitor.
  [Grisham looks annoyed and Slade sighs.]


Scene: Holly's office, Slade is perched on the desk, Holly is making herself busy. Slade is turning a picture of Hayley in his hand.

SLADE: Pretty girl.
  [Holly looks up, clearly envious.]

HOLLY: Well she's dead, so you can't have her.
SLADE: What? Holly.
HOLLY: Haven't you got a case to solve?

  [Slade pauses, visibly hurt, suddenly he stands up and opens the door. Regretful of her snapping Holly reaches out..]

HOLLY: Slade wait! Come back!
SLADE: (turning) Why should I Holly? You've been like this all morning.

  [Holly walks up to Slade and whispers lightly.]

HOLLY: I'll let you use the machine, just come back please

  [Slade pauses slowly he smiles.]


Scene: Holly's flat, Slade sits in his chair and Holly presses the button on the machine. The white lights travel up the walls and the clock spins back furiously. Suddenly it stops, Holly takes the watch.

HOLLY: Fifteen hours.
SLADE: Perfect.

  [Slade stands up and Holly turns to face him, they are very close. There is a pause.]

SLADE: Listen, Holly. About last night.
HOLLY: Nothing happened Slade.I took the crystal I said thank you.
SLADE: The way you looked at me.

  [Holly pauses and turns away.]

HOLLY: I won't talk about this now, we have fifteen hours to solve a case. Let's go to Primrose Court.

  [Scene: Outside Hayley's flat. Holly is shivering in the cold. Slade stares at her slowly he removes his jacket and slips it over her shoulders. She looks up at him and hesitates before pulling it round herself thankfully.

HOLLY: You'll be cold
SLADE: Doesn't matter. Oh look!

  [Holly and Slade turn to see a motorbike pull up outside, holly looks at her watch.]

HOLLY: It's only 7:15, Hayley isn't shot for over two hours.

  [Slade and Holly watch as the figure jumps off the bike, in the darkness of a winter morning it is difficult to see the figure.]

SLADE: I've got to get closer.

  [Slade jogs around to the side of the building, Holly follows gripping Slade's jacket to her. Slade points upwards.]

SLADE: That's Hayley's window.
HOLLY: (nods) The light's on. She's expecting.
SLADE: (looks up agitated) I need a closer look. Slade grips the guttering and Holly steps back.
HOLLY: No Slade! It's too high you'll hurt yourself!
SLADE: I've climbed higher.

  [Holly watches as Slade swings himself up the guttering onto a ledge and along. After a while he is at Hayley's window, Holly sees him look through.]

HOLLY: (whisper) can you see anything?

  [Slade waves his hand to silence her, Holly pauses. Inside Hayley's flat Slade sees Hayley answer the door, Hayley appears to know her visitor and they slip into the kitchen out of Slade's view. Slade looks down at Holly.]

SLADE: They're taking, I can't see.
HOLLY: Slade come down please, you'll fall.

  [Slade obliges and climbs down. On the ground Holly hands him his coat.]

HOLLY: You're freezing.

  [Slade shakes his head and hands it back.]

SLADE: So are you, anyway, we're making a move.
HOLLY: A move? Where?
SLADE: Gardener's house?
SLADE: Because I want to see if he's missing. We know what happens here so there's no point watching it. Let's go.

  [Holly smiles and follows Slade as they jog back to her car.]

HOLLY: I can't believe you've finally accepted it.
SLADE: Accepted what?

  [Holly smiles and opens the car door.]

HOLLY: You can't change the past.

  Scene: Holly's car pulling up outside Gardener's house. It is now daylight. Frank's car sits in the drive.

SLADE: He must be here
HOLLY: Gardener?
SLADE: Yeah, his car's here.
HOLLY: Well we can't very well knock on the door and ask him.
SLADE: Then we wait.

  [Holly nods and pulls the car back out of the drive. Upstairs Frank's wife stares at the car. Holly parks just down the road, they wait. Suddenly Frank's car creeps out of the drive. Holly and Slade slink down in their seats as the car goes past. Frank is in the driver's seat. Slade looks at his watch. 9:30.]
SLADE: It can't be him.
HOLLY: (nods) How about his family, where are they?
SLADE: (shakes head) This doesn't make sense. If it isn't Frank who is it? It's clear they're having an affair they must be. Maybe someone found out.
HOLLY: Possibly.
SLADE: Someone with a motorbike.
HOLLY: Well Frank hasn't got one.

  [Slade opens the car door.]

HOLLY: Where are you going?
SLADE: For a chat, stay here I won't be long.

  [Holly sits back in her seat. Cut to Slade at the front door, he rings the doorbell and a woman answers.]

SLADE: Mrs Gardener?

  [Mrs Gardener nods, he notices she is very frail.]

SLADE: I'm looking for someone.
MRS GARDENER: Who are you?
SLADE: I'm a friend. Have you got a motorbike?
MRS GARDENER: (confused) No, no but my daughter has.


The car. Slade jumps inside and Holly looks at his grin.

HOLLY: What did you find?
SLADE: Our murderer.

  [Suddenly a motorbike pulls into the drive, Holly moves the car forward and we see a girl jump off the bike, removing her helmet so that long blonde hair can fall about her shoulders.]

SLADE: Frank's daughter.

  Scene: Sundown court. Slade and Holly arrive back at the machine with a few minutes to spare. As they arrive back in their time zone Slade rubs his hands together and they leave for the office.

CUT TO Scene: The office. Kate Grisham looks up as Slade brings in a blonde girl. He seats her in front of the desk, the girl is crying. Behind him Holly stands, watching him place his hands on her shoulders. Her eyes narrow.

SLADE: Debbie Gardener.
GRISHAM: Go on Slade.
SLADE: Debbie knew that her father was having an affair with Hayley Dunlow, because he was about to leave to be with her.

  [Debbie cries.]

SLADE: she tried to change her father's mind but it didn't work. So she went to Hayley for a word. Except they did more than talk.
DEBBIE: My Mum's old, she's getting arthritis, she's in pain, I couldn't let that bastard leave her.
SLADE: Debbie wanted her father to stay and look after her Mum, but he wouldn't. So what do you do?
GRISHAM: Shoot the enemy

  [Debbie sobs.]

SLADE: Exactly chief.
GRISHAM: Well I must say Slade you've done too Holly, you two make quite a duo.

  [Holly and Slade glance at each other.]


Scene: Holly's flat. Slade and Holly are drinking beer. Slade places his bottle on the side. Holly watches him stare at Hayley's picture.

SLADE: Pretty girl. Shame really, feeling the need to turn to someone half her age.
HOLLY: She was a gold digger Slade, he bought her a nice flat and luxuries, a ponse that's all she was.

  [Slade looks up.]

SLADE: Very pretty though.

  [Holly rolls her eyes and turns away, agitated.]

SLADE: What's wrong Holly?
HOLLY: Nothing.
SLADE: Are you jealous?

  [Slade takes Holly's arm and pulls her close, staring down at her.]

SLADE: You are aren't you! You're jealous, look at you!

  [Holly pulls away and shouts at Slade, tears in her eyes.]

HOLLY: Then why do it Slade? If you know it's going to make me jealous why do you do it to me?

  [Slade shrugs and smiles slightly.]

SLADE: (calmly) Because I'm in love with you.

  [Holly stops, her eyes wide, her breathing quickens.]

HOLLY: What?
SLADE: Didn't you know?

  [Holly shakes her head gently, her shiny brown hair falling over her face, a tear rolls down her cheek.]

HOLLY: No you don't Slade.

  [Holly walks away but Slade lunges for her grabbing her arm and spinning her round. Leaning in swiftly he presses his lips against her, against her will Holly melts, her knees buckle and Slade pulls away, looking into her eyes.]

HOLLY: We can't.
SLADE: We can.
HOLLY: We can't!
SLADE: Why not Holly?
HOLLY: Because..we're professionals Slade. We work together, it won't work.

  [Slade lifts his arm and gently wipes the tear from Holly's cheek, she stares into his eyes.]

SLADE: What are you so afraid of?

  [Holly drops her gaze to the floor, Slade lifts her head up by her chin and forces her to look at him.]

HOLLY: Don't.
SLADE: Holly I love you, I can see by the way you are now you love me too. I know your life is the machine I accept that.

  [Holly looks stunned, a smile begins to creep onto her face.]

HOLLY: You do?
SLADE: I just want to be a small part of it. I can help you, we'll finish it together.
HOLLY: (Chuckling) You, finish a time machine?

  [Slade smiles and slips his arm around her waist.]

SLADE: I meant fund it, I'm not a scientist Holly I don't pretend to be. Just give it a go please, what have you got to loose?

  [Holly looks into Slade's eyes, she bites her lip for a while as if thinking, he pulls her ever so slightly closer.]

SLADE: Don't make me beg.

  [Holly laughs and slowly begins to run her fingers through his hair.]

HOLLY: Would you?
SLADE: Would I what?
SLADE: (smiling) If I had to.

  [Holly stares into Slade's eyes and another tear rolls down her cheek.]

HOLLY: You don't have to.

  [Suddenly Holly pulls Slade's face towards hers and they kiss slowly and passionately, Holly lets out and sob and Slade holds her tightly, kissing her gently, slowly, after some time he pulls away. Placing both hands on the sides of her face he stares at her with concern.]

SLADE: Why are you crying Holly?
HOLLY: Because I've never let anyone in before Slade. I've told you everything, and it just feels.wonderful.

  [Slade smiles and kisses her again, they both giggle and kiss, Slade pushes Holly backwards and they fall into holly's room, landing softly on the bed. Looking up Slade stares into her eyes.]
SLADE: So from now on, it's me and you.

  [Holly runs her hands over Slade's back and nods, smiling.]

HOLLY: Me and you..