Fan fiction > The glass house

by Lisa P

  (Scene: Ally way. 0845. Detectives and forensics swarm the area. We see Slade pull up. As he gets out of his car, we see a dead body being carted off. Slade cringes and begins walking down the ally)
GRISHAM: (V.O.) (aggravated) Slade!
SLADE: (stops on the spot and cringes again. He turns.) Good morning to you too chief.
GRISHAM: (stalks over to him) You're late Slade!
SLADE (defensively) I got here as soon as I could.
GRISHAM: Sometimes I wonder. (Pause and begins walking, Slade follows her) His name was Thomas McCabe, aged 32. He was a scientist and for the last year he had been working on a cure for his illness. Apparently he was near to finding that cure. Now, he's dead. Suffocated to death and left here. (Indicates round the ally) He was found this morning, around 8.30, by a group of teenagers. (Slade nods) Forensics have managed to lift this, (holds up an evidence bag and hands it to Slade) other than that, there's nothing for us to go on.
SLADE: No witnesses?
GRISHAM: As of yet, no. Morris and Robson are talking to near by residents at the moment.
SLADE: (looks down at the evidence bag) I'll eh, take this back to the station. (Turns and walks back before anything can be said)
GRISHAM: (raised voice) Slade!
SLADE: (looks back at her) Chief?
GRISHAM: I want you back within the hour. Don't even think about hanging around to talk.
SLADE: (rolls his eyes) Yes chief.
  (Grisham smiles slightly at him. He turns away again. As he does a sly smile creeps across his face)
  (Cut to: Station. 08:50. Holly's office. She is working at her white board. She sighs heavily every few minutes and rubs things off the board. After a while, the door opens and Slade enters, this goes un-noticed by Holly. He walks up behind her and looks over her shoulder at the paper she is holding. Holly takes a small step back and steps into Slade. She jumps and spins round to face him)
HOLLY: God Slade! Don't do that.
SLADE: (smiles sheepishly) Sorry.
HOLLY: (notices the bag in his hands as she turns back to the board) What's that?
SLADE: (his eyes wonder over her body and focus on her arse) Hm?
HOLLY: (looks round at him, but quickly turns her head back as she blushes) The bag?
SLADE: Oh right! (Tares his gaze away and looks elsewhere) It was found at the crime scene. I was wondering if you could analyze it.
HOLLY: (turns round again. Her face is still red) Yeah sure. (Takes the bag from him)
SLADE: Thanks. (Noticing she's red) Are you ok? You look a bit flushed.
  (Holly blushes again and moves away from him. Slade smiles and flops down onto her chair)
  (Cross fade to: 12:35. Slade is crashed out in Holly's chair. While she sits on a stool at the other side of the room. Holly turns to look at Slade. She smiles gently seeing his eyes shut but knows he isn't asleep)
HOLLY: Late night?
SLADE: Mm, yeah. (Opens his eyes) How's it going?
HOLLY: It will take a few more hours.
SLADE: (sighs) Great. (Pause) Holly.
HOLLY: (knows what's coming) (sighs) Yes Slade?
SLADE: You know you're my best frie-
HOLLY: No Slade, you cannot use the time machine.
SLADE: I wasn't going to ask you that.
HOLLY: Sorry. What were you going to say?
SLADE: I was going to say, can I use the machine. (Stands and walks towards her) Completely different. (Smiles sweetly at her)
HOLLY: (rolls her eyes) No.
SLADE: Holly, please.
HOLLY: (firmly) No.
SLADE: Why not?
HOLLY: Because you can solve this one on your own.
SLADE: (childish tone) Hollee, come on. Please. (Pouts)
HOLLY: (sighs) No. Why can't you just accept that?
SLADE: (ignores her question) One last time.
HOLLY: You said that the last god knows how many times.
SLADE: I mean it this time though. Last time.
  (By now Slade is standing in front of her. They gaze into each others eyes. Holly looks as though she is about to give in)
HOLLY: (lost in his eyes) If I do let you use promise it will be the last time?
SLADE: (also lost in hers) (nods dumbly)
HOLLY: You've said that before though.
SLADE: (reaches out and caresses her cheek) I promise.
  (Holly stands up in front of him. They gaze at each other again. Slowly their heads edge closer together. Neither one of them makes any move to pull back. Just as they are about to kiss, Holly's office door is thrown open. They move away from each other instantly as Grisham storms in)
GRISHAM: (shouting) Slade! What did I tell you!?
SLADE: (looks confused at first then clicks) Sorry, I was eh, waiting for the results.
GRISHAM: I strictly told you to be back there within the hour!
SLADE: I know chief, I'm sorry.
GRISHAM: If you can't abide by my rules Slade you can get out! Now I want to see you out of here within the next 10 minutes, is that understood!?
SLADE: (lowers his head) Yes chief.
  (Grisham storms out of the office, slamming the door behind her as she does. Slade turns to look at Holly, who is standing in a corner of the room. Her head lowered)
SLADE: Sorry.
HOLLY: You had better go. (Moves back over to her white board)
SLADE: Holly. What just happened between us?
HOLLY: (looks round at him) Nothing. Nothing happened. Forget about it.
SLADE: (to himself) I don't think I can. (To Holly) The machine. Please. You saw the mood she's in. Please, Hol.
HOLLY: (thinks about it then nods slowly) I'm coming with you.
  (Slade nods. Holly grabs her coat as they leave the office)
  (Cross fade to: Sundown Court. Holly's flat. 12:55. Sitting room. Slade is in his normal seat. Holly is in front of the machine. The usual sequence of lights is travelling up the walls. They stop after a few minutes)
HOLLY: (picking up the watch) We've got 7 hours.
SLADE: Come on then.
  (Cut to: Hallway. They walk out of the sitting room. Holly suddenly stops on the spot. Slade stops when he realizes Holly is no longer following. He turns back to her)
HOLLY: Where are we going?
SLADE: (thinks, starts to say something but stops) Good question.
HOLLY: (after a few minutes) Come on.
  (Holly walks past Slade. As she does, she grabs his hand. Cut to: Thomas McCabe's home. 06:15. The front door is pushed open. As it swings fully open, we see Slade stand up and walk in. Holly follows)
HOLLY: (whispering) I can't believe you did that.
SLADE: (also whispering) I couldn't very well knock could I? (Holly rolls her eyes) Anyway, how did you know he lived here?
HOLLY: (smiles slightly) Papers.
SLADE: (sarcastically) Should have known.
HOLLY: (stops on the spot) Meaning?
SLADE: (turns his head and looks at her) Nothing at all. (Smiles sweetly at her then walks into a room)
HOLLY: (watches him. As he disappears into the room, she shakes her head. She then follows)
  (Cut to: Study. 06:30. Slade is sitting at a desk. He is going through the draws. Every now and then he pulls things out. Only to put them back in again a short while later. Holly is standing by a book case. Her eyes skimming the titles. Slade sighs in frustration as he slams the last draw shut. This causes Holly to jump. She looks at him)
SLADE: Anything?
HOLLY: Nothing, you?
SLADE: (gazes round the room) No. (Pause) Why would anyone want to kill him?
HOLLY: (reaches out for a book) I really don't know Slade.
  (As Holly pulls the book, the book case slides to one side to reveal a stair case going down. Slade stands and walks over to Holly. They both glance at one another; Slade then walks down the steps. Holly hesitates but as she sees the case begin to slide back across she runs after him)
  (Cut to: Glass house. 06:45. Around the room are work surfaces. On them are various pieces of equipment. Shelves with books line the walls. Outside is surrounded by trees and flowers. A door at one end of the room is thrown open as Slade and Holly literally fall into the room. Slade manages to steady himself and catch Holly before she hits the floor)
SLADE: (helps Holly stand properly) (looks at the door as it slams shut) Damn thing.
HOLLY: (stands but remains in Slade's arms. She smiles slightly then glances round the room)
SLADE: (keeps his arms around her as he too scans the room) (sarcasm evident) A giant green house, great!
HOLLY: This must have been where he worked.
SLADE: (looks back at Holly) But why?
HOLLY: Think about it, it's in the middle of no-where, it's away from everyday life, there's gorgeous surroundings, it must be lovely.
SLADE: (still gazing at Holly) Yeah.
  (Holly looks back at Slade to find him gazing at her. She blushes slightly and lowers her head. Slade reaches up and hooks his finger under her chin. He brings her gaze to meet his. They slowly lean in towards each other. However, before their lips can meet, they pull back on hearing raised, muffled voices. Slade grabs hold of Holly's hand and pulls her down behind a desk as the door opens. Thomas and James McCabe enter. James has a pair of gloves on)
JAMES: Since the day you were born I have lived in your shadow. Always being compared to you!
THOMAS: Why don't you just give it a rest?
JAMES: No matter what I did, it was never good enough. Now just as I was on the verge of a major break-through that could put me ahead of you, you go and find a stupid cure!
THOMAS: (rolls his eyes) What are you going to do about it? (Turns his back on James) (Humorously) Kill me!?
JAMES: (catches sight of a polythene bag and picks it up as he walks towards Thomas) (quietly) As it happens, yes.
  (Thomas turns back to James just as the bag is forced over his head. Thomas beings thrashing about violently trying to get his brother off of him. However his attempts fail and he soon becomes motionless. James drops Thomas' body to the floor and moves over to the desk Slade and Holly are behind. He begins opening and closing draws until he eventually pulls out a folder. He opens it and quickly glances at its contents before closing it again. He moves over to another desk and takes a few test tubes containing a liquid. He places them in his jacket pocket then takes the folder and zips it up inside his jacket. He moves over to the body once again and lifts it. He heads back over to the door)
JAMES: (scans the room then smirks) Sorry little brother.
  (James opens the door and leaves. After a few minutes Slade stands up slowly. Seeing the coast is clear, he helps Holly up)
HOLLY: His brother?
SLADE: Slade: Mm. (Pause) Come on. Let's get out of here.
  (Slade takes Holly's hand and leads her to the door.)
  (Cut to: Corridor. 0725. Slade and Holly are standing on the flight of stairs behind the book case. Slade is trying to get the case to move again, however he is having no luck. Holly is sitting on the stairs with her arms wrapped around herself. Slade turns to look at her. The lighting is dim)
SLADE: You ok?
HOLLY: (nods slightly) Mm-hm. (She shivers)
  (Slade moves down beside her and slips his arm around her. Holly looks surprised but doesn't say anything))
SLADE: Better?
  (Holly smiles and cuddles into him. Slade smiles to himself. Slade looks around the corridor for anything that may move the book case. He catches sight of a painting on the wall, lit dimly by a lantern. He looks at the painting for a few minutes, then glances at the lantern)
SLADE: I wonder.
HOLLY: (looks up at him confused) What?
SLADE: Hang on.
  (Slade stands and moves over to the lantern. He begins looking it over. A few seconds later, he frowns. He then turns his attention to the painting. He carefully lifts it off the wall to reveal a button. Slade glances back at Holly before pressing it. The book case begins to Slade back. Holly looks at Slade with a shocked expression)
HOLLY: How did you.?
SLADE: (smiles and helps her up) The bookcase was so cliché.
HOLLY: (smiles slightly)
SLADE: Slade: Come on.
  (They leave. Cut to: Café. 0810. Slade and Holly are sitting together at a table. Both are just about finished eating. Apart from them, there is no-one else there)
HOLLY: How are you going to tell Grisham about all this?
SLADE: (hesitates) I'll think of something.
HOLLY: (after a few minutes) (quietly) I still can't believe he killed his own brother.
SLADE: I guess jealousy does that to some people though. He wanted to be noticed so badly that he'd kill his own brother.
  (Cross fade to: Sundown Court. Holly's flat. 09:00. Slade and Holly enter her flat. Slade walks into the sitting room, where as Holly goes into the kitchen.)

(Cut to: Sitting room. Ten minutes later. Holly enters carrying two cups of coffee. She walks over to the couch and sits down as she hands one cup to Slade and places the other on the table)
HOLLY: Yeah?
SLADE: What made you pull that book?
HOLLY: (thinks about it) It stood out from the rest of them. (Pause) Why?
SLADE: Just wondering. (Takes a sip of his coffee)
  (Cross fade to: Sitting room. 11:00. Somewhere during the last two hours Holly has ended up in Slade's arms and is now leaning against his chest. They are sitting in a comfortable silence. Holly sighs gently as she shifts her weight a bit. Slade reaches up and begins playing with her hair. He then reaches up and caresses her cheek. Holly looks up at him. Slade slowly lowers his head to hers. Just as their lips are about to meet, the doorbell rings. Holly pushes Slade away and quickly walks into the hall. Slade sighs and looks frustrated. After a few minutes, Holly walks back into the room)
SLADE: Who was it?
HOLLY: (moves over to Slade's usual chair) Just a friend returning something. (She sits down)
SLADE: Oh right.
  (They once again fall into silence. However, it is now one of tension)

(Cut to: 12:55. The light sequence ceases. Slade gets up from the couch and walks towards the doors. Holly remains seated for a few more seconds before getting up and following him)

(Cut to: Station. Grisham's office. Slade is standing in front of her desk. She is sitting behind it with an amazed look on her face. Slade wears a smug look)
GRISHAM: (after a few minutes) McCabe's brother?
  (Slade nods)
GRISHAM: It doesn't make sense. (Pause) Why?
SLADE: He didn't want to live in his brother's shadow for the rest of his life.
GRISHAM: (nods slowly) Right, well, good work Slade. (Pause) You can go. (smiles and heads for the door) Just one last thing Slade.
  (Slade looks back at Grisham)
GRISHAM: How did you work this out?
SLADE: (smirks) That would be telling.
  (Grisham smiles slightly at him and shakes her head)

(Slade turns and leaves)

(Cut to: Holly's office. She is sitting at her desk working on the computer. She looks up as the door opens. Slade enters. He smiles and walks over to her desk and perches on the edge)
SLADE: You busy tonight?
HOLLY: (suspiciously) Why?
SLADE: I was thinking I could cook you dinner to say thanks.
HOLLY: (smiles) What time?
SLADE: Say around six?
HOLLY: (nods) I'll see you then.
  (Slade places his hand on her shoulder and squeezes it quickly and gently before getting off the desk and walking out. Holly smiles to herself)

(Cross fade to: Slade's place. Slade is busy setting the table tennis table. He has also lit some candles. There are also various candles around the room. He walks back over to the kitchen where he proceeds to dish up dinner just as there is a gentle knock on the door. He moves to open it to reveal Holly)
SLADE: (smiles and steps aside) Hi.
HOLLY: (walks in shyly) Hi. (Removes her jacket)
SLADE: (closes the door and takes Holly's coat) You look nice
HOLLY: (softly) Thanks.
SLADE: (smiles and places her jacket down on the couch) Go sit down. I'll bring it over.
  (Holly nods and walks over to the table. She smiles catching sight of all the candles and a bottle of chilling wine on the table. As she sits down, Slade comes over carrying two plates. He sets one down in front of Holly then places his own down and sits)
HOLLY: It smells wonderful.
SLADE: (smiles as he proceeds to open the wine) Thanks. Let's hope it tastes just as good. (Pours them both a glass of wine)
HOLLY: I'm sure it will.
  (Cross fade to: A short while later. They are both sitting on the couch. Music is playing softly in the background. Both are holding glasses and are sitting reasonably close to one another)
HOLLY: Thanks for that. It was great.
SLADE: You're welcome. I'll teach you how to make it one day.
  (Holly laughs slightly. Slade reaches out and caresses her cheek. Holly looks surprised)
SLADE: (gazes at her) You really do look lovely tonight.
HOLLY: (blushes and lowers her head) You don't look to bad your self.
  (Slade smiles gently and leans in to kiss her but is stopped as the phone begins ringing)
SLADE: (sighs in frustration) It's a conspiracy!
  (Holly laughs slightly. Slade gets up off the couch and moves towards the phone. He picks up the phone and removes the battery. The ringing ceases. He places it back down then turns to look at Holly who is watching him with an amused look on her face)
HOLLY: What if that was important?
SLADE: It never is.
HOLLY: (smiles and stands) I'd better go.
SLADE: (walks over to her) Do you have to?
HOLLY: (nods) I've got an early start in the morning.
  (Holly hugs Slade. As she pulls back she looks up at him. They find their faces only centimetres apart. They kiss gently before kissing again, the second time more passionately. They break again ever so slightly after a while)
SLADE: (breathless) Do you have to go.?
  (In response Holly kisses him again deeply and begins walking back to the couch with him. Slade gently lays her down as they continue kissing and touching one another. Slade kisses his way down to Holly's neck as his shirt starts to come off)

(Cross fade to: Early next morning. Slade and Holly are lying in Slade's bed. Holly has her arm draped over his chest. Slade has his arm around her. They both look tired. Slade has a slight look of worry on his face)
HOLLY: Mm-hm?
SLADE: You don't regret it do you?
HOLLY: (kisses his chest gently) Never. (Pause) Why? Do you?
SLADE: Not in a million years.
  (They both smile as they snuggle closer to one another)