Fan fiction > A Date with death

by Gareth Jones


Holly Turner; Jeff Slade; Kate Grisham; Morris; Nicky Robson; Susan Jones (Holly's neighbour); Malcom King; Edith Turner (Holly's mum); John Fletcher (Susan's boyfriend); Craig Dexter (John's drug dealer); Taxi Driver
  Scene 1: A Dark Alley

  [John is talking to Dexter, his drug dealer. He owes him money.]

JOHN: But I never touched the drugs Dexter, why should I pay you?
DEXTER: Look, I sold them to you John. Whatever you did with them after that is nothing to do with me. Just get me the money you owe me or your life is going to be made pretty miserable.
JOHN: I gave them to my girlfriend Susan. She lives with me. She was depressed so I thought why not? But she hasn't paid me yet and I can't afford it.
DEXTER: Look mate, I ain't fooling around. Just get me the money by six fifteen tonight or else.
  [Dexter storms off. John looks at his watch. It's 1:00am. He walks off.]

Scene 2: Holly's Flat

[Susan and holly are talking in the hallway. Holly is leaning against the wall, not listening at all. She glances at her watch,10:00am.]

SUSAN: Holly?

  [Holly jumps and smiles at her.]

SUSAN: Who can I ask to lunch today?
HOLLY: What? Haven't you got a boyfriend?
SUSAN: He can't come. Some sort of conference I think. So do you know any eligible men?
HOLLY: Oh, I doubt it, not for your high standards anyway.

  [Doorbell rings and Holly rushes to answer it, relieved at the excuse to leave Susan. It's Slade.]

HOLLY: Oh, hello. Come in.
SUSAN: Hi, I'm Susan
SLADE: Jeff Slade. Nice to meet you.
HOLLY: Errrr..Susan was just leaving actually weren't you?
SUSAN: Yes. See you later Holly. Nice to have met you Jeff....Unless..Jeff, do you have afternoon plans?
SLADE: What?
SUSAN: Sorry, you must think me terribly forward considering we've only just met, but I'm supposed to be meeting a friend of mine for lunch. Unfortunately my boyfriend can't make it. I don't suppose you'd like to keep me company?
SLADE: Sure I'd love to. What time?
SUSAN: About two o-clock?
SLADE: Sure, I'll meet you there....Where is there?!
SUSAN: It's an Italian place. Called 'Maria's'. Do you know it?
SLADE: Yes, near Regent Street, but not actually in Regent Street. About a ten minute walk.
SUSAN: That's right. You're invited too Holly of course. My friend who I'm meeting is perfect for you.
HOLLY: Oh, I don't think so, thanks anyway.
SLADE: Come on, it'll be a laugh.
HOLLY: No, really Slade I've got things to do. Sorry Susan.
SUSAN: Don't be silly Holly, you know you'll come in the end. I was just saying to her the other day Jeff, that she should get out more, meet more people.
SLADE: Well, these science types you see...

  [Looks at Holly, knowing she'll give in.]

HOLLY: All right, don't go on. We'll meet you there Susan.
SUSAN: Great. See you both later.

  [Susan leaves]

SLADE: Well, I only came round for a chat but I guess I'll see you later now.
HOLLY: Right. Later.
SLADE: Pick you up?
HOLLY: Yes please! Bye!
  [Slade leaves]

Scene 3: The Restaurant.

[Slade and Holly walk into the restaurant to find Susan and this other guy sitting at a table in the corner. Susan waves at them. Holly and Slade reach the table and Susan and the other guy stand up.]

SUSAN: Holly Turner, Jeff Slade, this is Malcom King.

  [Malcom is nearly bald, wearing thick framed glasses, shorts and a green and brown checked tee-shirt tucked right into them with thick socks pulled right up to his knees and Jesus sandals.]
MALCOM: Nice to meet you both. [He shakes both of their hands in turn.]
SLADE: Nice to meet you.
HOLLY: Yes, Susan told us all about you.
MALCOM: So.. Holly, What do you do?
HOLLY: I'm a forensic scientist with the police.
MALCOM: How interesting. And do you enjoy it?
HOLLY: Well, I'd prefer to be working somewhere more advanced with today's modern technology, but it's not bad.
SLADE: Typical you have to go into some huge long scientific speech about your job.
HOLLY: Not funny Slade.
MALCOM: And where do you work Jeff?
SLADE: I'm a detective for the CID. Holly and I work together.
MALCOM: Amazing. I've always wondered how you people have enough information about a crime to actually make an arrest.
SLADE: Well, the criminals very rarely turn themselves in so I ask witness's what they saw and look for clues at the scene of the crime. What you have to remember is that it's very rare for criminals not to have a reason for what they've done.
HOLLY: [Sarcastic] And you said I went on about my job.
SLADE: [Gives her one of his charming smiles and starts to suck up] Mainly it's forensic evidence though, which is why Holly is my favourite person at work. [He puts his arm around Holly.] If she wasn't there I'd never be able to do it!
HOLLY: Oh please!
  [Slade looks at Holly, his arm is still over her shoulder. There is a long silence between them before he realises and then quickly pulls it away.]
SLADE: [Blurts out any question to distract Holly from what just happened] What about you Malcom? What do you do?
MALCOM: I research small insects and their habitats.
HOLLY: So what's your favourite insect?
MALCOM: Well surprisingly enough it's the dung beetle. They have very fascinating lives...

  Scene 4: After dinner. All have finished eating and are getting ready to leave.

SLADE: Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that.
HOLLY: Excuse me. I'm just going to freshen myself up.

  [She leaves the table.]

SLADE: I think I'll go as well. We'll meet you outside.

  [He follows Holly to the toilets and waits outside for her to come out. As soon as Holly sees him they both crack up laughing.]

SLADE: Can you believe that guy? What a total and utter thicky!
HOLLY: I know, he's such a bore!
SLADE: The best bit was when he said he was very interested in women with brown hair and blue eyes!
HOLLY: I know! Could he be anymore obvious??!! And as if I'd go out with someone with no hair who is interested in dung beetles!!
SLADE: Oh, that was funny. How long did he talk about that?
HOLLY: An hour, maybe two. I fell asleep after the first sentence!
SLADE: We should get back to them, they're waiting outside for us and don't forget he is your date!!
HOLLY: Oh please!! You can't talk, Susan's all over you.
SLADE: I barely noticed!

  [Holly gives him a sarcastic look. They walk out of restaurant giggling to themselves.]

Scene 5: The Corridor Outside Susan's Flat.

SUSAN: Won't you come in Slade?
SLADE: [Glancing at Holly] No, I'd better not.
HOLLY: You go in Slade.
SLADE: You're sure?
HOLLY: Yes, don't be silly.
SLADE: All right, I'll come and see you later.
HOLLY: Great. [They both look at each other and smile, obviously still laughing at Malcom] Bye then. Bye Susan.
SUSAN: Bye Holly, have fun with Malcom.

  [This makes Slade crack up but he disguises it as a cough.]
SUSAN: All right Slade?
SLADE: Couldn't be better.

  [Susan and Slade go into Susan's flat. Malcom and Holly walk up the stairs and on to Holly's flat.]

HOLLY: Well, thank you for a really lovely afternoon.
MALCOM: It was nice wasn't it?

  [Long silence. Holly looks at the floor. Malcom stares straight at her. Holly opens her door and stands blocking the doorway.]

HOLLY: [Exaggerated yawn] Oh, I'm so tired, well, see you....

  [She's cut off by Malcom who is staring right passed her into the flat at an African carving.]

MALCOM: You've been to Africa?
HOLLY: No, my dad went a few years ago actually.
MALCOM: Do you know what it is?
HOLLY: A fertility doll I think. [Yawns twice as loud as she did the first time] Well, it was nice seeing you...
MALCOM: Actually I was in Africa only a couple of months ago and I have some pictures with me if you'd like to look at them.
HOLLY: Actually I..
MALCOM: Excellent! Well, you put the kettle on and I'll get ready with the pictures.

  Scene 6: Susan's Living Room.

  [Slade and Susan are sprawled along her sofa, talking. Suddenly, John comes in.]

JOHN: SUSAN! How could you?
SLADE: Who's this?
SUSAN: My boyfriend, John. He gets very jealous at times.
SLADE: Oh, thanks for telling me.
JOHN: Get off my girlfriend you creep! How dare you do this?
SLADE: What are you on about? I didn't do anything to her!
JOHN: And you expect me to believe that? Get out.

  [John gets hold of Slade and pulls him out of the room and then shoves him out of the flat.]

Scene 7: Holly's Flat.

  [Holly and Malcom are sat at her kitchen table, Malcom is showing pictures of him in Africa. In most of them he is well wrapped up in a red anorak with a tent on his back and a rucksack as well.]

MALCOM: ..and this one was when I was in..
HOLLY: Yes. Actually I have an appointment this afternoon.
MALCOM: ..And in this one I was with a gang of African explorers. Together we set sail for this island and went looking for this particular breed of thistle that was extremely rare..
HOLLY: Malcom, this is all very fascinating but...
MALCOM: .And this is me next to the thistle.

  [Holly looks at the picture. Malcom is standing next to a tiny speck on the floor by his feet with his hands on his hips grinning stupidly at the camera.]

Scene 8: Corridor Of Flats.

[Slade goes into the lift and shuts the door, he presses the button for the next floor.]

Scene 9: Susan's Flat.

JOHN: How could you Susan? How could you do this to me? I can't believe it's happening.
SUSAN: We were just talking. What do you want me to say?
JOHN: Don't bother, it's a waste of your breath and mine.
SUSAN: John...
JOHN: Trust me Susan, you'll be sorry you did that.

  [John storms out of her flat. Susan yells after him.]

SUSAN: John, we weren't doing anything.

  Scene 10: Danny's Office.

  [Danny is watching TV when the lights in the corridor flicker on and off, then cut out completely. Danny gets up and walks to the fuse box. He pulls a lever, unfortunately it is the wrong one and the fuse box sparks a bit before all the electricity in the building goes. Danny sighs and reaches for his torch.]

  Scene 11: In The Lift.

  [Slade is stuck in the lift because of the power cut and is banging on the door to be let out. He gets his keys out of his pocket. The key ring has a tiny torch on it. Slade turns it on and looks at his watch, it's 6:15pm. He starts banging again.]

SLADE: Come on, let me out of here.. Hello?.. Hello?... Can anyone hear me?... I'm stuck in the lift... Can someone get me out?.... Please?...Help!

  Scene 12: Susan's Flat.

  [Dexter opens Susan's door and sneaks into the kitchen. He is wearing a black balaclava, blue jeans and a yellow jacket. Susan is standing at the sink, washing up and listening to the radio. Dexter creeps up behind her and puts his hand over her mouth. Susan freezes. Dexter picks up a knife from the draining board and puts it to her throat.]

DEXTER: One move, and I use it. Ok?

  [Susan nods.]

DEXTER: I need the money.
SUSAN: But I don't have it.
DEXTER: Then things are going to get very nasty around here.

  [He puts down the knife and leads her out the kitchen door and into the bathroom. He ties her arms and legs up with some rope he has in his pocket, then he ties a hanky around her mouth to gag her. He puts the plug in the bath and turns both taps on full blast. He pushes Susan in as well and holds her down as the water rises over her head. Susan tries to struggle but soon she is unconscious. Dexter moves away from her, and looks around the bathroom. He sees some after-shave on a shelf above the bath and pours it into the water on top of Susan. He then reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a box of matches. He strikes three in one go and then tosses them into the bath water. Within minutes, the bath is in flames. Dexter goes to the hallway and opens Susan's purse. He takes all the cash she has and then leaves.]

Scene 13: Around The Back Of Sundown Court.

[Dexter is running away, when he suddenly turns around and shoots at something behind him. Dexter carries on running around the corner. One of the shots hit Malcom's car and the alarm starts going. It isn't a normal alarm though. It starts saying, "Malcom your car is in danger. Come Quickly!" over and over again.]

Scene 14: Meanwhile at Holly's Flat.

[Malcom is still showing Holly the pictures when they hear shots. Malcom's car alarm then starts going off and he rushes to the window and looks out. He runs out of the flat and down the stairs to rescue his car. Holly gets up and goes out into the corridor to see what all the commotion was about. Danny is just opening the lift door for Slade and as soon as he gets out the lift he and Holly look down the corridor. There is smoke coming from Susan's flat. They both rush over to the door and Slade breaks his way in.]

Scene 15: Susan's Flat.

[Inside, they can hardly see for smoke. Slade has his gun at the ready. They both struggle to peer through the smoke to see what is wrong. Slade opens the door to every room, pointing his gun inside every time, but they find nothing. Holly tries the bathroom door and as soon as she has opened it she starts coughing. The smoke is so thick, she can't breath.]

HOLLY: Slade, in here!

  [Slade comes running up to Holly.]

SLADE: Phone the fire brigade.

  [Holly rushes to the phone while Slade tries to get into the bathroom. He feels something wet around his feet and realises there must be a flood. When his eyes have got used to the smoky atmosphere then he can see the bath is over flowing and there is a fire on the water's surface. Slade puts his gun on the edge of the bath and then shouts at Holly.]

SLADE: HOLLY! Get me a fire extinguisher. QUICKLY!

  [Holly, on hearing Slade's demand, runs into the corridor and grabs a fire extinguisher from the wall. She runs back in and gives it to Slade.]

HOLLY: Here. But be careful Slade, you don't know how the flames will react.

  [Slade snatches the fire extinguisher from Holly and attacks the flames with it. The fire is soon out and Slade can see Susan's burnt body under the water. He punches the wall with his fist. Then he walks slowly out the door. He sees Holly looking out the window. She turns around when she hears him coming.]

SLADE: It's Susan.
HOLLY: What about her?
SLADE: She's been murdered.
HOLLY: Oh no.

  [She heads towards the bathroom but Slade stands in her way]

SLADE: Holly, trust me, you don't want to see her in that state.
HOLLY: Oh. Right.

  [Sirens are heard in the distance.]

HOLLY: There's the fire brigade. Did you put the fire out by the way?
SLADE: Yeah, it's all under control, but it's probably best that they have a look around anyway, just to make sure everything's ok.
HOLLY: I'll phone Grisham.

  Scene 16: Outside Holly's Block Of Flats.

  [A flash, dark green undercover police car pulls up. Grisham, Morris and Nicky get out and look around. Several other cars pull up and more policemen gather around Grisham.]

GRISHAM: Right. This is what we've got. A body in a bath tied up and gagged. Her name's Susan Jones and she's Turner's neighbour. She's been drowned and heavily burnt. We have a boyfriend who got very jealous when Susan went out to lunch with Slade. Turner and some other guy were also there. Afterwards Slade was in her flat talking to her when her boyfriend burst in and assumed she was seeing Slade. He chucked him out and ten minutes later there was a power cut, Slade and Turner saw smoke from her flat and broke in. She's been left where they found her and the fire is now out. That's all we have, it's not going to be an easy one. Let's get to work.

  [Grisham walks into the flat and the others follow.]

Scene 17: Susan's Flat.

  [Grisham bursts in with the rest at her heels.]

GRISHAM: Police. Nobody move
SLADE: It's all right, it's only me and Holly here.
GRISHAM: Right everyone. Get to work. I don't pay you to stand around like lemons all day! MOVE!
NICKY: Yes Chief.

  [All police except Grisham start working. Grisham sits down at the kitchen table.]

GRISHAM: Slade.. Come here.

  [Slade walks over to the table and sits opposite Grisham.]

GRISHAM: What happened?
SLADE: A lot actually. Errrr. where to start. Well.
GRISHAM: Slade get on with it.
SLADE: Oh, right. Well, I was with Susan and we were having coffee and a chat after our lunch together. Anyway, I got chucked out by her very jealous boyfriend, who assumed we were more than friends. I was going up in the lift to see Holly when there was a power cut, and as you can see, the power's still not on. Anyway, I heard some shots and then a rather stupid car alarm went off. It said "Malcom your car is in danger. Come quickly". And then I banged to be let out of the lift until Danny, Holly's care taker rescued me. I saw Holly standing in the corridor and we looked down towards Susan's flat and there was smoke coming from it. We broke our way in and I managed to put out the fire and, that's it really.
GRISHAM: Right. Do we know anyone called Malcom who's car it might be?
SLADE: Yes chief.. Holly's date for this afternoon was called Malcom, I suspect that it was his car.
GRISHAM: Right, and the boyfriend, does he have a name?
SLADE: John. I don't know his surname. But while we're on the subject, he really needs to chill out a bit!

  [Morris comes over holding a gun in a plastic bag.]

GRISHAM: Morris?
MORRIS: I think I've found the murder weapon chief.

  [Grisham takes the plastic bag from Morris and examines the gun.]

GRISHAM: Was the body found with bullets anywhere in her body Morris?
MORRIS: No Chief.
GRISHAM: So it's very unlikely that this gun was the murder weapon then isn't it Morris?
MORRIS: Yes Chief. It might have the killers finger prints on it though Chief.
GRISHAM: Well done Morris. I'm stunned at how bright you're being. Right. Anything else?
MORRIS: The shower door is smashed chief.
GRISHAM: Right. Get Turner over here please Morris.
MORRIS: Yes chief.

  [Morris walks off and Grisham lays the bag on the table.]

SLADE: That's my gun. I put it down on the bath to put the fire out.

GRISHAM: I'm sorry Slade but we have to examine every piece of evidence. It will be returned to you.

  [Slade nods. Holly comes over to Grisham.]

GRISHAM: Turner. I need your statement.

HOLLY: Right, well, I was with Malcom, who I was at lunch with, and we were in my flat. He was showing me some photographs, when we heard three shots and then Malcom's car alarm went off. He looked out the window and then rushed off and I went out into the corridor. I saw Slade come out of the lift and we went on to Susan's. We broke in and Slade put out the fire. That's it really.
GRISHAM: Right. What did Malcom see when he looked out of the window?
HOLLY: I don't know, but he looked rather puzzled, then he just dashed out of the door.
GRISHAM: Ok. Do you have a number where we can reach him?
HOLLY: No, but he should be in the phone book, Malcom King, he lives in Knightsbridge. Can I go now chief? I was supposed to be somewhere, but I got held up by one thing or another.
GRISHAM: Yes Turner. But be in early tomorrow, I want you to examine this gun that Morris found.
HOLLY: I'm not in tomorrow chief. Remember? I've got a week off.
GRISHAM: Oh, yes. That's quite annoying actually. I don't suppose you could take next week off instead.
HOLLY: No, I can't chief.
GRISHAM: Oh, well. Can't be helped. See you in a week then Turner. Have a nice rest.

  [Holly smiles at Grisham and then leaves.]

SLADE: Well, I think I'll go now as well.
GRISHAM: Not so fast Slade. I need you here.

  [Slade gets up and leaves Susan's flat.]

GRISHAM: Slade.. Where are you going? Slade!...SLADE!!

  Scene 18: Holly's Flat.

  [Holly is lying on her sofa. She jumps when she hears a bang on her door. She gets up to answer it and it's Slade. He pushes past her and then turns around to face her once he's in the flat. He puts his hands on her shoulders.]

SLADE: Please can I..
HOLLY: NO! I told you that I'm not using the machine to solve anymore crimes. That's it. No more. Not at all. Besides you couldn't.
SLADE: Why not?
HOLLY: I'm going to see my mum tonight. And you're defiantly NOT travelling without me. Remember what happened last time? You were shot. And your great scheme to win the Lottery that backfired in your face.
SLADE: I didn't know you had a mum. No offence or anything, but you never talk about her.
HOLLY: I haven't seen her for a while. She and my dad split up when I was just two and we lost contact. She had a full time career and didn't really have the time for me. Still, that's all in the past. I'm not angry at her or anything. It's not entirely her fault.
SLADE: Holly, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
HOLLY: Don't worry about it. There's nothing to be sorry for, like I said, I don't blame her, she was young and probably not ready for a family.
SLADE: I could take you to your mum's.
HOLLY: Oh, that would be so nice. I'm far to tired to drive tonight. But don't think you can butter me up just because I refuse to let you use the machine!
SLADE: Would I do that?! [Puts on accent] Well then Miss Turner, can I take your bags?
HOLLY: Yes please, they're in my bedroom on the floor.

  [Slade collects Holly's bags and they walk out the flat.]

Scene 19: Slade's Car

SLADE: So.. how are your electricity bills these days? Still very high no doubt.
HOLLY: They are yes. Only the other day Danny went through his 'Football Stadium' speech with me again. It's lucky I turned everything off before I left.
SLADE: [Looking at houses along road] What number is it Holly?
HOLLY: Number 17.
SLADE: There you are. Door to door service. You can't get better than that!
HOLLY: Thanks a lot, I'm so grateful.
SLADE: How long are you staying for again?
HOLLY: A week.
  [Slade and Holly get out the car with Holly's bags and walk up the path.]

Scene 20: Holly's Mum's House.

  [Holly's mum opens the door and welcomes them in.]

MUM: Hi Holly! How are you darling?
HOLLY: Fine. How are you?
MUM: I'm great. Never been better.
HOLLY: That's good.

  [Holly and her mum hug and kiss each other hello.]

MUM: And who's this young man?
HOLLY: Jeff Slade, a friend of mine from work.
MUM: How do you do Jeff. I'm Edith.
SLADE: I'm fine thank you. Nice to meet you Edith.
MUM: Well you must want coffee. I'll be right back.

  [She goes into the kitchen and leaves Holly and Slade in the hall.]

SLADE: You're going to kill me.
SLADE: I accidentally left your kitchen light on.
SLADE: But, it's all right as I'm going back right now to turn it off.
HOLLY: Yes you are.
SLADE: Keys?

  [Holly hands him her house keys.]

SLADE: [Yells towards kitchen] Bye Mrs Turner!

  [Mum comes out.]

MUM: Leaving so soon Jeff? Won't you stay for coffee?
SLADE: No thanks I have to be getting back for work tomorrow.
MUM: Well it was nice to have met you. All the best.
SLADE: And you. Bye Holly.

  [Slade leaves.]

Scene 21: Holly's Flat.

[Slade lets himself in and goes straight towards the sitting room. Before he enters the room he turns around and smiles. He looks at the kitchen light. It is off of course, but the building's power is now back on and Slade heads towards the sitting room. It's nine o-clock. He time travels. The time for him is now six o-clock.

Slade waits until 6:20, when he knows his other self will be stuck in the lift. He can hear Holly and Malcom discussing something in the kitchen. He very quietly opens the door a crack and sees the kitchen door is shut. He creeps out of Holly's flat, closing the sitting room door behind him.]

Scene 22: Susan's Flat.

[Slade can't see very well but manages to get down the corridor to Susan's flat. He picks the lock with a paper clip and slips in, closing the front door quietly behind him. He sneaks into the shower and hides in there. He waits. Soon a mans voice can be heard. The voices are coming nearer now and Slade knows they are in the bathroom. He looks out through the glass door and Susan is being tied up and put into the bath. Her head is being held down under the water. Slade tries to get out of the shower to stop this from happening, but the door is stuck. Suddenly it gets very hot and Slade can see the yellow flames through the glass. He has to get out, but the door is stuck, so he throws his shoe through it and climbs out through the hole in the glass. Putting his shoe back on, he runs out of the flat and after Dexter.]

Scene 23: Around The Back Of Sundown Court.

[He catches up with him around the back of Sundown Court. Dexter shoots at him, but Slade ducks behind a car. The shots hit the car and the alarm goes off. "Malcom, your car is in danger. Come quickly!" Slade ignores the alarm and runs after Dexter. At that moment, Malcom looks out of Holly's window and sees Slade run away.]

Scene 24: The Chase

[Slade gets up from behind the car and he runs around the corner after Dexter. Once he has spotted him he starts to call out to him but Dexter gets in his car and drives off.]

SLADE: Renault. E286 FHT.

  [Slade looks around desperately then hails a passing taxi.]

SLADE: Taxi!! [He gets in.] Take me round that corner and look for a blue Renault with the registration, E286 FHT. I'm with the police, we're chasing this bloke.

  [The driver starts to drive but when they get around the corner the car isn't there.]

DRIVER: Don't worry mate, I know these parts blindfolded, and I'll bet I know where your blokes gone.

  [They turn off the main road and through an industrial estate. They go out the other side to a small road used for transporting goods to the factories. The blue car is seen in the distance.]

SLADE: Yes! Thanks a lot.
DRIVER: Not a problem.
SLADE: How far does this road go?
DRIVER: Quite a way, about ten miles.
SLADE: So he can't go anywhere until the end of it?
DRIVER: That's right.
SLADE: Well then how do I get to him?
DRIVER: Search me mate, you're the detective.
SLADE: OK. I need to think.
DRIVER: Can't I just drive next to him and push him off the road?
SLADE: Yes but it might not work, and if it doesn't then I'm wise.
DRIVER: I see.
SLADE: Oh just do it. I haven't got much time.

  [The driver pushes the blue car off the road. As Slade and the driver get out, Dexter jumps out of his car and runs off.]

SLADE: Get in!!
DRIVER: Sorry mate, I can't.
DRIVER: Got a puncture. [Slade sighs loudly] Never know what's on these roads you see. What with it leading up to the industrial estate..

  [Slade runs off.]

DRIVER: Hey, you owe me twenty five quid.
SLADE: Comes back again and hands him the money Thanks a lot.

  [Slade chases Dexter down the road.]

Scene 25: The Second Chase.

  [Slade runs to the end of the industrial road and sighs. Dexter is no where in sight. He walks down a residential area looking at all the houses. He turns around when he hears someone shout his name.]

HOLLY: [Coming out of a house and up to him] Slade! Hi, what are you doing here?
SLADE: I was chasing a guy and he got away.
HOLLY: Did you turn my kitchen light out?
HOLLY: So can I have my keys back?
SLADE: Sure. [He hands her the keys from his pocket, as she is about to take them he pulls them back] NO!!
SLADE: No, you can't have the keys back?
SLADE: Well, I need them for...I need them for..I need them for feeding your cat while you're away.
HOLLY: Slade, I don't have a cat.
SLADE: Rabbit then?
HOLLY: Slade!
SLADE: Goldfish?...Terrapin?
HOLLY: What is going on Slade, what have you done? [The watch beeps for an hour left.] Is this a joke or something?
HOLLY: You didn't learn the first time you did this?
SLADE: Look, the way I see it is we agreed to be a team and that means letting me use your machine.
HOLLY: Not without permission.
HOLLY: Because it's mine. My father built it, it's a scientific breakthrough Slade. Why don't you realise that both times you've done this, you have hurt me more than anyone ever has. [Holly has tears in her eyes and she looks down at the floor.]
SLADE: [Feels really guilty, and Holly crying is destroying him] Oh my God..Holly I'm so sorry, I can't believe I've done this to you. You're my best friend, and you're right, it's your machine. I shouldn't complain, how many guys know someone with a time machine? [Holly looks up at him] I'm so privileged that you shared this with me in the first place, but I don't blame you if you regret telling me, I would. You're so cleaver Holly, you can do anything you want with your life, and I can't believe I mess you around like this.

  [Holly is still crying, but Slade can't resist her and he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Holly doesn't pull away from Slade, she puts her arms around him and lets him hold her even after they've finished kissing. Eventually Holly lets go.]

HOLLY: [Much calmer now] Come on, let's get you back to where you belong. We can go in my mum's car.

  Scene 26: Half An Hour Later, At Holly's Flat.

  [Holly and Slade arrive and get out.]

HOLLY: Oh no the power cut!
SLADE: Can you fix it?
HOLLY: I can try.

  [She heads towards the fuse boxes. Slade calls after her.]

SLADE: Thanks so much Holly.

  [Holly gets to the fuse box and starts to look at things and replace fuses etc.]

HOLLY: [Half an hour later.] I've nearly finished. Just one more...Ah-ha. Done it. How long have you got?

  [Watch beeps for three minute warning.]

SLADE: There's your answer. I'll see you in a minute and thanks so much for saving me.

  [Holly just nods as Slade dashes up the stairs.]

Scene 27: Holly's Flat.

  [Holly walks into the sitting room and flops onto her sofa. Slade just stares at her in disbelief.]

SLADE: I'm so sorry Holly.
HOLLY: That's OK, I'm not angry any more. You're right, we are a team and you can use my machine without my permission, I don't mind. But I do mind you using it to solve crimes. It's too much. For a busy week you can have three or four small crimes a week. And if you use the machine for each one you solve then I'll have to replace at least three parts.
SLADE: Thanks Holly. I really don't deserve that kind of treatment.
HOLLY: I know!! Did you solve the crime in the end?
SLADE: I know who did it but I don't know his name.
HOLLY: Have you got a car registration?
SLADE: Yes! Thanks Holly.

  Scene 28: Police Station, The Next Morning.

  [Slade walks in and goes to see Grisham.]

SLADE: Hi Chief.
GRISHAM: Slade I've been meaning to talk to you. we spoke to Malcom King last night, and he told us that when he looked out Turner's window yesterday to check on his car, he saw a man with dark hair, wearing a yellow top running away.
SLADE: I know Chief, and I know who committed the crime and Morris should have caught up with him by now.
GRISHAM: That's a bit quick Slade, how did you manage it?
SLADE: Well, Holly suddenly remembered that she looked out the window after Malcom and saw Craig Dexter, who's the murderer, get in his car. So we went back to her flat and I took her through the evenings events and eventually her subconscious mind gave us the number plate.
GRISHAM: Any proof that links this man getting in his car with the murder though Slade?
SLADE: Yes Chief, for once I do. His finger prints were on the taps and Susan's purse, which he obviously raided before he left.
GRISHAM: I'm amazed Slade. So has Morris gone to the house to pick him up?
MORRIS: [Enters] I sure have Chief and he's locked in the cells as we speak.
GRISHAM: Well Slade, I can't say I'm not surprised but well done. Is Turner here today by the way?
SLADE: Yes, she had to cancel her trip in the end, I think she's going another time.
GRISHAM: OK, then Slade, don't hang around. I'm sure you've got reports to write.

  [Slade groans and walks out.]

Scene 29: Holly's Office.

[Slade enters.]

SLADE: Do you want to go out tonight?
HOLLY: Where?
SLADE: I dunno, dinner for two at a fancy restaurant?
HOLLY: So what time will you pick me up?
SLADE: Seven o'clock OK?
HOLLY: Sounds fine. I'll see you later. [Slade turns to go.] Slade wait, I bought you a present.
SLADE: I should be buying you presents not the other way around.
HOLLY: Do you want it or not?
SLADE: Yes please.

  [Holly hands him a paper bag. Slade reaches in and pulls out a book.]

SLADE: [Reading the title] 'All You Ever Wanted To Know About Dung Beetles And More'!!! Thanks a lot Holly.

  [He turns and walks out of her office, flinging the book in the bin as he passes it.]