Fan fiction > Who Killed the Man Who Killed Himself?

by Gareth Jones


Jeff Slade ; Holly Turner ; Grisham ; Morris ; Vicky ; Woman ; Paramedic ; Mrs Henchard ; Mr Henchard ; Clifford
  Scene 1: No. 41 Portsville Road

  [The undercover cars pull up, Slade's and Grisham's. A wife is panicking outside the house]

WOMAN: Thank goodness you're here. It's terrible. You have to put someone away.
GRISHAM: Calm down. Now what happened ?
WOMAN: My husband was strangled. In our home. And I was down stairs.
SLADE: Are you OK ?
WOMAN: You?!
WOMAN: I've had enough of you for one day.
SLADE: Where is your husband now?
WOMAN: In the kitchen, making a jam sandwich.
SLADE: I'll erm... Ask the paramedics.

  [Slade walks into the house, a paramedic is walking down the stairs at the same time]

SLADE: Jeff Slade, I'm with the police. Can you tell me where he is.
PARAMEDIC: In the kitchen.
SLADE: But didn't you come from upstairs ?
PARAMEDIC: Yeah. They have two kitchens. He's in the upstairs one. I hope you're going to let them move the body quite soon. His wife's hysterical.
SLADE: Yeah, we just need to examine the place before anything's been moved.
SLADE: A hanging ?
PARAMEDIC: Yeah, with a few bruises to his head.
SLADE: Is that suspicious?
PARAMEDIC: I can't tell. That's your job.

  [The Paramedic leaves. Slade runs up the stairs. He looks in a couple of rooms at the top, before finding the kitchen, with the husband hanging from the light]

SLADE: This is a first.

  [Grisham enters]

GRISHAM: So Slade, what do you think?
SLADE: I'm not sure. Did he leave a note?
SLADE: Then it must be a suicide.
GRISHAM: He left a typed-note.
SLADE: Giving even more reason to believe murder.
GRISHAM: It's a complicated plot. One window was open.

  [Slade goes to a window]

SLADE: This one?
SLADE: Wide open. Everything points to a murder.
GRISHAM: One problem, Slade. Step onto the balcony.

  [Slade does so, to find himself on the highest floor of the house, with no means of escape]

SLADE: I see what you mean chief. Complicated plot.
GRISHAM: It sure is. But gathering this, it looks like a suicide. No-one had any reason to kill him, he had just lost his sister.
SLADE: I guess so.
GRISHAM: There we go then. Morris and Vicky should be here in a minute to take statements. You can go back to the station.
SLADE: Are you sure?
GRISHAM: Yeah. This looks pretty straightforward to me.
SLADE: Me too. I'll see you chief. [Slade notices a crack in the window as he enters again] What's this?
GRISHAM: Do you think it's something useful?
SLADE: Probably not. It could have been there for ages. Unless...
SLADE: A ladder could do that to a window.
GRISHAM: It could. But they got their windows cleaned this morning.
SLADE: Then Mrs...
GRISHAM: Henchard.
SLADE: Then she wouldn't have noticed a ladder as being suspicious?
GRISHAM: He was gone before twelve. Mr. Henchard didn't die until after two.
SLADE: Still, we can ask her.
GRISHAM: Morris can ask her, I want you to finish that report that's due. But since you're leaving, you can take this rope to Turner. In case we find any different fingerprints to change this suicide into a murder.
SLADE: Where can we get Henchard's fingerprints, and be sure that they're his?
GRISHAM: Check the table. Mrs. Henchard says that he was here making a snack. There might be a knife or something.
SLADE: A snack? Before killing himself ?
GRISHAM: The last supper. [Grisham looks around, Slade grabs a knife off the table. On the table there is also a jam sandwich, untouched, and a jar of honey]
SLADE: He hasn't touched his sandwich.
GRISHAM: That is odd. But it's nothing big. If it was a murder, the murderer would have gotten rid of it in case we suspected.
SLADE: Unless it was a spur of the moment thing.
GRISHAM: I'll investigate. You have a report to write.
SLADE: Sure thing Chief.[Slade exits]

  Scene 2: Holly's Apartment

  [Holly enters quickly and looks around.]

HOLLY: [To Herself] Come On Holly, where have you put those reports...?

  [She hears a noise in another room. She grabs a screwdriver off a table in the hall - ready to hit someone with it. She slowly walks towards the room. She opens the door and looks around. She realizes that an expensive ornament is missing]

HOLLY: Oh no, my ornament. Dad gave me that.

  [She looks around, but sees no-one. She grabs the report off the TV, and exits unhappily]

  Scene 3: The Police Dept.

  [Grisham storms in with a report in her hands. Slade and Holly aren't there]

GRISHAM: I have just received an official complaint about our officers snooping around where they are not wanted. Does anyone have an explanation? Morris? Vicky? Slade? Where is Slade?

  [Everyone look at each other]

MORRIS: Probably with that Science girl, Chief.
VICKY: He spends a lot of time alone with her, chief.
GRISHAM: Nobody leaves until I get back.

  [Grisham goes into Holly's office. Slade is there with her, talking]

GRISHAM: What's going on here?
SLADE: Chief, we were just...
GRISHAM: I don't care what you were just. I'm on a schedule, my job is on the line, receiving complaints about officers in my department is not something I like.
SLADE: Complaints?
GRISHAM: Yes Slade, complaints.
HOLLY: What kind of complaints?
GRISHAM: Never you mind, Turner. Slade, I am waiting for an explanation.
SLADE: Well, I was working on the report...
GRISHAM: About the complaints.
SLADE: I don't have one, chief. I don't know what the complaints are about to start with.
GRISHAM: Officers from my department snooping around property when nothing has happened there.

  [Holly looks guilty]

GRISHAM: Only to turn up after a crime, and deny everything. The coincidence being that a crime did take place on that property. But why were you there Slade?
SLADE: I...Where?
GRISHAM: Portsville road. Amongst other properties that have recently complained.
SLADE: I've never been to portsville...We were investigating that murder, is that it?
GRISHAM: Yes Slade, that's it. The murder you're meant to be working on right now. Have you been there before?
GRISHAM: Well I hope for everyone's sake that you're telling the truth.

  [Grisham exits]

SLADE: What was that all about?
HOLLY: I think I know.
SLADE: Good for you. However, I don't have time for it. I have a murder investigation on my hands. Are you coming?
HOLLY: Where?
SLADE: Your place.
HOLLY: My place? Why?
SLADE: I have a murder investigation on my hands. I need to look at the evidence.
HOLLY: You don't need me for that.
SLADE: What, I can do it myself?
HOLLY: That's what you're trained to do.
SLADE: Can I have the keys then?
HOLLY: What for?
SLADE: Your place.
HOLLY: No Slade. You are not using the Time Machine.
SLADE: Why not?!
HOLLY: We agreed. You need to do your job in your own way.
SLADE: Time travel is my way.
HOLLY: You heard what Grisham said. She's suspecting.
SLADE: Let her.
HOLLY: No Slade.
SLADE: [Expecting] Is that your final answer?
HOLLY: Yes, it is. [Holly Exits]
SLADE: [Unsure] Good, I think.

  Scene 4: Holly's Apartment

  [There is a knock on the door, Holly goes to answer]

HOLLY: What do you want, Slade?
SLADE: I wanted to apologize.
HOLLY: Thank you. Now goodbye. [Holly tries to close the door, but Slade puts his foot in the way] Stop that, Slade.
SLADE: Can we just talk?
HOLLY: About what?!
SLADE: Just let me in, Holly.

  [Holly surrenders and lets him in]

HOLLY: Not for long. I don't have the time.
SLADE: Then let's go back in time to discuss it.
HOLLY: Slade.
SLADE: All right. It's about that murder Grisham and I went to.
HOLLY: What about it?
SLADE: You said that you knew who was there this morning before Henchard's death. Who?
HOLLY: Slade, you said that the wife knew you from somewhere. Now do you know?
HOLLY: It's the only explanation I can find. Unless Morris is related.
SLADE: No chance of that. But us?! We haven't been back in two weeks.
HOLLY: That's the point. You'll probably go back sometime in the future.
SLADE: There's no time like the present.
HOLLY: No Slade. I told you. You can't use the machine to solve crimes anymore. Not since you almost got me committed.
SLADE: That was a long time ago.
HOLLY: You're doing fine at the moment.
SLADE: I haven't had any big crimes lately.
HOLLY: So are you saying that you're a no-good detective?
SLADE: No, I...Please Holly. Once?

  [An awkward Silence]

SLADE: But you said that I was there.
SLADE: I haven't travelled yet.
SLADE: Not to go back would change the past. You told me that it's not possible to change the past.
HOLLY: Well let's try.
SLADE: No, Holly. You have to let me go back.
HOLLY: If I do, this once, will you leave me alone, and treat me like a normal person?
SLADE: I'll think about it.
HOLLY: Slade, this once. And only because the future is in the past.
SLADE: OK, I understand, I think.

  [More Silence - Both look at each other]

HOLLY: What?
SLADE: Can I go now?
HOLLY: No, no, no, no, You're not going alone. I'm coming with you.
SLADE: But I've done it before.
HOLLY: But you won't do it again. Now WE can go.

  [She walks through to the Time-Room. Slade follows a little later. She gets the machine ready, and he closes the doors (etc.)]

HOLLY: You're becoming a dab-hand at this.
SLADE: If I could do it more often.
HOLLY: It's too dangerous. Brace yourself.

  [They travel back in time - 15 hours]

HOLLY: Fifteen hours?!
SLADE: Why, what's wrong?
HOLLY: It one-o-clock in the morning. I'm asleep.
SLADE: We can go quietly.
HOLLY: Maybe, but what are we going to do at one-o-clock in the morning?

  Scene 5: All Night Kebab House

  [Show the shop's sign, then zoom in to Slade and Holly by a table, eating kebabs]

HOLLY: What is the point of this?
SLADE: To try and solve that crime, remember?
HOLLY: I'm gonna destroy the machine.
SLADE: What?!
HOLLY: Once we go back to the future, I'm going to destroy it.
SLADE: But why?!
HOLLY: It's caused nothing but trouble. I lost my father to it, I've been prosecuted, I've almost been murdered - twice ! I just want a normal life.
SLADE: You could be famous though.
HOLLY: I don't want to be. Not because of the machine. I don't want the world to find it.
HOLLY: Imagine, two of every person running about, criminals going back in order to have an alibi. The long-term effects would be catastrophic. Say goodbye to the past, Slade. This is the last you'll see of it.
SLADE: What's brought all this on? And why are you so ill-tempered ?
HOLLY: It's three years since my father...
SLADE: Got trapped in the loop of infinity?
HOLLY: Yeah. I hate this day.
SLADE: Well it'll be over tomorrow.
HOLLY: No it won't. It lasts for four days. He went back on the sixth of May, to the second of May. He's trapped somewhere in-between those dates. When is the real anniversary of his disappearance? Does it even exist?
SLADE: Don't worry, Holly. You've got two and a half hours until daylight. Get yourself drunk, or talk rubbish all night.
HOLLY: We are going to be so tired later on today. We'll have been awake 22 hours.
SLADE: Today?
HOLLY: Yeah. We're still at the same day - just.
SLADE: Well you can investigate Mr. Henchard's murder or suicide, that'll highlight your day.
HOLLY: Slade, be quiet!
HOLLY: If anyone heard you, they'd think that we were the murderers. He's still alive at the moment.
SLADE: Oh yeah.
HOLLY: If I get locked up again...
SLADE: You won't. Don't worry so much, I'm here.

  [As He hugs her, cross-fade into the next scene]

  Scene 6: The Henchard Garden

  [Daylight. Slade's Car pulls up]

HOLLY: How can we be using your car, Slade?
SLADE: I didn't use it yesterday...this morning.
SLADE: I used my feet.
SLADE: OK, I lost my keys.
HOLLY: You didn't.
SLADE: What?!
HOLLY: You borrowed them from yourself.
SLADE: Oh no.
HOLLY: Never mind. At least we have means of transportation.
SLADE: Let's go and see Henchard on his big day.

  [Holly looks a bit disgusted, she follows him up to the door, but stops him before he knocks]

HOLLY: Who are we?
SLADE: What?
HOLLY: We can't be Slade and Holly.
SLADE: Well, we'll be...
HOLLY: Gas-readers.
SLADE: Good idea.

  [Slade knocks on the door, Mrs. Henchard answers]

MRS H : Hello?
SLADE: Mrs. Henchard, hi, how are you ? [Holly nudges him]
HOLLY: I mean... We're here to take a reading.
MRS H : A reading?
HOLLY: Of your...
SLADE: Electric meter.

  [Slade looks at Holly in amazement]

MRS H : I didn't know you were coming today.
HOLLY: We're full of surprises.
SLADE: More than you think.
MRS H : Come in.

  [Cut to the inside of the house]

MRS H : How come two people are here to read my electric meter?
SLADE: She's here on a trial. She's not a full worker yet, she's still learning the ropes.
HOLLY: Of course I am. I don't know much about electric.
MRS H : You know where it is.
SLADE: I do?
MRS H : Don't you ?
HOLLY: Of course we do. Where are the stairs?
MRS H : In that room over there.

  [Mrs. Henchard goes into the kitchen, Slade and Holly start upstairs]

HOLLY: The electric meter?
SLADE: Yes. I remembered as we were talking to her that they used no gas. They had an electric oven.
HOLLY: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you can do your detective work.
SLADE: What do you mean, Maybe ?

  [He runs upstairs after her, cut to the top of the landing]

HOLLY: So, if you're such a great detective, where is the electric meter?

  [They bump into Mr. Henchard]

MR H : Who are you? May, May, Burglars!
HOLLY: No, we're here to read your electric meter.
MR H : Oh. Well, do it and go. I don't want anyone here this afternoon.

  [He walks away]

SLADE: Suicide.
HOLLY: You still can't be sure.
SLADE: I've known it was suicide right from the beginning.
HOLLY: Then why are we here ?
SLADE: To...erm...Confirm my suspicions.
HOLLY: Look, so no-one hated him, no-one had a reason to kill him, on the surface. Maybe he had deeper secrets.
SLADE: What makes you say that?
HOLLY: I don't know. It could be true.

  [They look around, Slade goes into the upstairs kitchen]

SLADE: Holly, have you found anything?
HOLLY: No, you?
SLADE: Nothing...Wait a second. That window. There's no scratch on it.
HOLLY: And there was when you came, I mean come here.

  [Slade goes out onto the balcony]

SLADE: Yes, there was. What time is it ?
HOLLY: 10-30.
SLADE: So that means that it's not midday yet.
HOLLY: I think so.
SLADE: The window-cleaner...

  [Mr. Henchard sees them]

MR H : What are you doing in my kitchen?
SLADE: Nothing.
HOLLY: We were just looking at the view.
MR H : A view of a main-road?
HOLLY: I come from the country.
MR H : Out, out now ! And you can let your company know that we're not interested in electric after today.
MRS H : What's wrong?
MR H : These were snooping about the house.
MRS H : So, we need electric.
MR H : Not by them, we don't.

  [Mr. Henchard kicks them out. We can still hear him and Mrs. Henchard arguing]

SLADE : He won't need electric.
HOLLY : That means nothing. Except that we've now complicated the situation.
SLADE : How?
HOLLY : They're arguing. They were fine before we interrupted.
HOLLY : I hope this is suicide. For both our guilty sakes.

  [They walk towards the car, and get in]

SLADE : You mean we could be the reason he kills himself?
HOLLY : He had no other reason.
SLADE : Whoops.
HOLLY : This is why I didn't want to use the Time Machine.

  [The window cleaner's van parks beside them]

SLADE : The window cleaner.
SLADE : He didn't leave until about twelve, why is he here now?
HOLLY : Let's just go, Slade.
SLADE : Wait here.
HOLLY : No, Slade...

  [He gets out of the car and follows the Window Cleaner. Holly stays in the car.]

MRS H : Hi, Clifford.
CLEANER : Hi, May.

  [They kiss - Slade looks surprised]

MRS H : Stop it, what if my husband sees us?
CLEANER : We'll tell him that young people do this kind of thing.
MRS H : I can't break up with him, Cliff. It would break his heart.
CLEANER : You won't break up with him? I can't believe this. How can we be together?
MRS H : I don't know, if he dies or something I suppose.
CLEANER : But he's not ill or anything.
MRS H : I can't do anything about it. Just clean the windows.

  [Clifford goes. Mrs. Henchard gives a disgusted look and enters the house. Slade follows Clifford. Cut to Holly in the car. She looks up at a window (The Upstairs Kitchen Window), and sees Mr. Henchard there. He sets up the rope, Holly doesn't see this however, and gets out some binoculars from her glove compartment and watches, she doesn't notice the rope. Mrs. Henchard enters the Kitchen]

MRS H : Harry, what are you doing?!
MR H : Go away May.
MRS H : Harry, you're not...
MR H : Leave me alone, May. I saw you with that man.
MRS H : Harry, it meant nothing. I love you.
MR H : Is that why you're with him?
MRS H : I'm not.
MR H : So you were comparing recipes ?
MRS H : I broke up with him - in order to save our marriage.
MR H : There's nothing left to save.

  [Mr. Henchard gets up on a stool, ready to hang himself, Mrs. Henchard starts panicking, and runs towards him pulling him down. She pushes him down on the floor, he seems unconscious. Mrs. Henchard panics before seeing to him]

MRS H : Harry?! Harry wake up!

  [Holly starts to lean forward, excitedly afraid]

MRS H : Wake up Harry, don't die. Please.

  [Mrs. Henchard gets on the floor to try and help him. She thinks that he's dead, and screams, Holly gets a shock]
MRS H: No!!! Don't die. I didn't kill you. No !!!
  [She runs through to another room. The window-cleaner comes around the house's corner, and sets his ladder up by the Upstairs Kitchen Window. Slade, avoiding the window cleaner, runs towards the car, and blocks Holly's view of the window]
SLADE: Anything?
HOLLY: Move Slade.
SLADE: Have you seen anything? Because I have. She's having an affair...
HOLLY: Move Slade, I can't see the window.
SLADE: Why do you want to...
  [Slade turns around, and sees Mr. Henchard dropping down, Hanging himself. (He just sees him 'falling' - with his eyes closed all the time)]
HOLLY: Slade?
SLADE: He hung himself.
  [The window cleaner (at the top of the ladder) starts to panic, and runs down the ladder and drives off in his van - leaving the ladder]
HOLLY: How could he hang himself?
SLADE: I just saw him.
HOLLY: But he was just killed.
SLADE: What?!
HOLLY: You said that he was having an affair ?
SLADE: With the window-cleaner. We have to stop him.
HOLLY: No, Slade!
  [Slade starts to run after the window cleaner's van. Holly quickly drives after him, and swirves in front of Slade to stop him]
HOLLY: Get in.
SLADE: But we have to...
HOLLY: No, he was long gone before you arrived today, he has to be.
  [Slade enters the car, and Holly drives off]

Scene 7 : Holly's flat

[She and Slade enter. Slade goes into the time-machine room, Holly goes into another]

SLADE: Holly? Aren't we traveling back?
HOLLY: Where?
SLADE: To the future?
HOLLY: We can't. We have to travel back at the same time as we originally traveled.
HOLLY: Because in this time-zone, the future hasn't happened yet. It doesn't exist yet.
HOLLY: And you know that you can't travel into the future.
SLADE: Oh. Weird.
HOLLY: So we have to hang around here for a while.
SLADE: Can't we go somewhere else?
HOLLY: No. I mean, I want to wait for something.
SLADE: What?
HOLLY: I'm not sure yet. Help yourself to any drinks or food.

  [Slade looks around. He holds up the ornament that was missing earlier to look at it]

SLADE: What's this?
HOLLY: It's an ornament that my father gave me. Someone's going to steal it today.
SLADE: What?!
HOLLY: When I nipped home to get a report, that ornament had been stolen.

  [The front door opens]

HOLLY: Hide Slade !

  [They both hide behind the sofa in the room. Slade still has the ornament]

HOLLY: Slade, the ornament.
SLADE: What about it ?
HOLLY: Put it back.

  [The room's door opens, Holly 2 enters with the screwdriver looking for the burglar]

HOLLY: Stay where you are Slade. It's me. I can't make eye-contact with myself. It could ruin the universe.
HOLLY(2): Oh no, my ornament. Dad gave me that.
  [She looks around, Slade and Holly keep as still and quiet as they can, but Holly 2 doesn't see them. She grabs the report off the TV, and exits unhappily]
HOLLY: It was us. There was never any burglar.
SLADE: You mean, I was the burglar ?
HOLLY: I'm so glad. I couldn't believe that someone had stolen it, it was the last present my father gave me.
SLADE: Do you want it back?
HOLLY: Slade, don't play about.
SLADE: You must pay a ransom sum of £20,000.
HOLLY: [Smiles] Give it here you clown.
SLADE: It was worth a try. Now can we go somewhere?
HOLLY: Just for a while. Now that we've worked that mystery out.

  Scene 8: Holly's Apartment (Later that day)

  [Holly and Slade walk through the hall from one room into the Time-Machine room.]

HOLLY: You're not going alone.
SLADE: But I've done it before.
  [Keep the camera on the hall. Slade and Holly enter, running towards the Time-Machine room, the time-watch bleeping madly]
HOLLY: I can't believe you.
SLADE: It wasn't my fault the queue was huge.
HOLLY: Hurry up.

  [They open the doors, and enter. Holly puts the watch in it's place, and they are restored into normal time]

HOLLY: You are mad.
SLADE: What's wrong now ?
HOLLY: We almost didn't make it to the machine, all because you wanted to stay queue in-line for an hour for food.
SLADE: It was an eat-all-you-can day.
HOLLY: You only had time for a sandwich.
SLADE: I could have stayed there longer.
HOLLY: We had two seconds to spare. You couldn't have stayed there much longer.
SLADE: OK, maybe.
HOLLY: I'm sorry you didn't find out much about the case.
SLADE: It kinda complicated stuff.
HOLLY: Never mind. It's Grisham's case.
SLADE: Grisham, I forgot. I have to hand in a report tomorrow. Can I use the machine?
HOLLY: You can't go back now Slade. You'd go back a couple of minutes at the most. You can't be in the same time-zone three times. Two's bad enough. And even if you did go back and wrote your report, it would erase once you got back to the present. You didn't write anything in this time-zone, and you couldn't have written it in the other time-zone. Maybe I should have sent you back to write it. Teach you a lesson.
SLADE: You don't mean that, Holly.
HOLLY: I guess not.

  Scene 9: The Police Station

  [Grisham walks towards Slade]

SLADE: Chief.
GRISHAM: That case we investigated yesterday, I want you to take it.
SLADE: But Chief...
GRISHAM: No buts. I just think that you're usually really good at these sort of cases. Work on it.

  [She walks away]

MORRIS: Too bad Slade. Pity you can't go back in time to see what happened.
VICKY: I could help you Slade. I'm really good with men like you, I mean, cases like these.
SLADE: I'm fine thank you Vicky. But if it was between you and Morris, I'd chose you any day.
VICKY: [Disappointed] Thank you.

  [Slade enters Holly's Office]

SLADE: Holly, I need help with this case.
HOLLY: You're not going back in time Slade, go away.
SLADE: No, I can't go back to investigate it, I already did.
HOLLY: You used the machine without my permission?!
SLADE: No, it was Mr. Henchard's Suicide thing.
HOLLY: I thought that was Grisham's case.
SLADE: It was. She thinks I'm good at puzzling cases like these.
HOLLY: You got yourself into this mess, I can't get you out.
SLADE: But I just need to know who you think did it.
HOLLY: What do you mean ?
SLADE: If we put our heads together, we can decide if it was a suicide or a murder.

  Scene 10: Window-Cleaners' Office

  [Slade and Holly knock on the door, Clifford answers. Slade holds up his Police ID]

SLADE: Mr. ....erm...Cliff ?
SLADE: Jeff Slade, I'm with the police, I'm investigating the death of a Mr. Harry Henchard ?
  [Clifford looks guilty, cross-fade to Grisham's office]

Scene 11: Grisham's Office

[Slade knocks on the door]

GRISHAM: Come in.
  [Slade and Holly enter]
GRISHAM: Slade, Turner.
SLADE: About that case you appointed me in charge of?
SLADE: I figured it out.
GRISHAM: You did? I couldn't make head or tail of it myself. So, is it a suicide or a murder?
SLADE: Both.
SLADE: Mrs. Henchard was having an affair with the Window-Cleaner...
GRISHAM: What proof do you have ?
SLADE: The window-cleaner's word.
GRISHAM: Carry on.
SLADE: Anyway, Mr. Henchard caught them together earlier that day. He set up a rope and planned to kill himself. However, just as he was about to, Mrs. Henchard enters - eating a jam sandwich. She obviously tries to stop him. She pushes him down on the floor, he gets knocked unconscious. Thus explaining the head-injuries. Thinking that she had killed her husband, she goes to try and disguise that fact. She hangs him, writes a suicide note, and calls the police.
GRISHAM: How do you know every detail, including that Mrs. Henchard was eating a jam sandwich ?
SLADE: There was a jam sandwich, and a jar of honey on the table. Holly checked both.
HOLLY: The sandwich had Mrs. Henchard's fingerprints on, The honey had the Mr.'s.
GRISHAM: Interesting. However, how do you know that Mrs. Henchard wrote the suicide note?
SLADE: There were two notes. The one on the computer, and, upon further investigation, there was one in Henchard's pocket. In his handwriting. What's more, friends say that Henchard never used the computer, he hated modern technology.
GRISHAM: So, although Henchard was about to kill himself, Mrs. Henchard accidentally killed him before he had a chance? But why not try and resuscitate him, instead of making it look as if he had hung himself?
SLADE: She was panicking. She thought he was dead. And since he was just about to kill himself anyway, it was what he wanted.
GRISHAM: A convincing story, Slade. But I'm not convinced. Let's talk to Mrs. Henchard. Let's see what she has to say.

  [Cut to outside an interviewing room. Slade is stood outside. Grisham opens the door. Mrs. Henchard is crying inside]

GRISHAM: I have to hand it to you Slade, I don't know how you did it. But it was true. I'll have to give you more cases like these. You'll find a bonus in your paycheck this month. Good work Slade.

  [She goes back inside. Holly and Vicky walk towards Slade. Vicky is obviously boring Holly to pieces with her talk about her many boyfriends]

VICKY: Hi Slade.
SLADE: Hi Vicky, Holly.
HOLLY: Hey Slade.
VICKY: Slade, I was thinking, how about you and I...
SLADE: I'm sorry Vicky, I'm busy, I'm taking Holly out for dinner tonight.
VICKY: But how did you know what I was going to say...?
SLADE: Let's just say that although you can't change it, you can definitely learn from the past.

  [Slade and Holly smile, and walk up the corridor together. Slade's arm around Holly]