Fan fiction > In Sickness and in Health

by [Author wishes to remain anonymous]


Jeff Slade ; Holly Turner ; Grisham ; Morris ; Nicky ; John Wilson ; Susan ; Waiter ; Paramedic ; Nurse.
  Scene: Holly's office at the police station.

HOLLY: Look, Slade, I don't mean to be rude but I've got some work to get on with, so.
SLADE: Fine- I know when I'm not wanted! [Heads towards door with fake sad expression but just as he's about to open it, Grisham walks in.]
GRISHAM: Right, I've got Robson and Morris in my office and I want you two with them. Well come on!

  [All walk out door- Grisham in front, Slade & Holly walking together behind. They enter Grisham's office.]

GRISHAM: Take a seat.
SLADE: Morris, can I sit next to you?
MORRIS: If you want to.
SLADE: No, I don't. [Slade moves across room and perches on Holly's chair.]
GRISHAM: Right, does anyone recognise this man? [All look at photo she is holding and shake heads.] His name's John Wilson. He's part of a company called Bridge Research. A few weeks ago £1 million went missing and he's the prime suspect according to our source. Unfortunately, we can't yet pin anything on him through lack of evidence, so that's where you come in. (To Slade & Holly) Surveillance. On Wilson AS OF NOW. Morris, background on Wilson, start with his bank statements.

  [Morris nods and leaves.]

GRISHAM: Robson, I want you to talk to the managing director of Bridge Research. Find out everything you can.

  [Nicky looks around nervously then, seeing Grisham's expression, makes a fast exit.]

SLADE: Why do I have to do the surveillance? Morris usually covers that, and I ask the questions. Don't you think you've got the jobs mixed up, chief? And why is Holly here?
HOLLY: That's what I was wondering. I'm a science officer- this wasn't in the job description.
GRISHAM: So Slade, I'll leave it all to you next time shall I? (sarcastic) Listen, Wilson owns a restaurant it's called Black Magic. I want you and Turner to go there TONIGHT, our source says Wilson is up to something and I want you there.
SLADE: Well, why don't you go?
GRISHAM: I've met him before. Anyway, if a load of people turned up all together to a romantic restaurant, it might look a tad suspicious. What could be more natural than a young couple having dinner? I know it's a big responsibility, but I think you can handle it. But if you can't- you can't even imagine what I'll do to you! This really is your last chance, Slade.
SLADE: It sounds pricey. Where am I going to get money for a meal like that?
GRISHAM: All expenses are paid. Turner, looks like you're going to be getting a free meal! Slade, don't count yourself so lucky- you'll have to earn your food-and if you don't- I'll charge the dinner to you.

  [Slade & Holly leave Grisham's office and walk towards hers.]

HOLLY: Sooo, you looking forward to tonight?
SLADE: (depressed tone of voice) Yeah, can't wait.
HOLLY: Slade, your enthusiasm stuns me. Listen, I know you're upset about something, so why don't you come round before we go out. We can have a cup of coffee and a chat?
SLADE: Yeah, whatever. I'll be round at about six. [He turns to leave but Holly calls out to him.]
HOLLY: Slade! Please try to wear a different jacket for a change, hmm?

  Scene: Holly's kitchen. She & Slade are drinking coffee

HOLLY: So how was your day?
SLADE: You were there. You know.
HOLLY: Slade, please either cheer up or tell me what's wrong? You've been like this for days.
SLADE: As I've told you already, it's nothing.
HOLLY: Slade, I know you well enough to know that you're upset about something. Don't you trust me?
SLADE: OK, fine, if you really want to know, I'll tell you.

  [Doorbell rings.]

HOLLY: Who can that be?
SLADE: Looks like I've been saved by the bell!

  [Holly gives him a sarcastic look then walks to the door. Slade follows. Holly opens the door.]

HOLLY: Susan! What are you doing here?
SUSAN: I came to return your book. Here[She hands Holly the book then looks past her into flat and spots Slade.] OOH, Holly is this the bloke you've been telling me about? You're right, he is good looking! [Holly blushes and Slade looks chuffed. Susan walks over to him.] Too bad he's already taken..
SLADE: Oh, no, we're just friends. I can't help it if Holly finds me irresistible! I've told her time and time again but she just won't back off.[He shakes head at Holly who looks irritated to say the least.]
SUSAN: Well, if you're not doing anything tonight. [She and Slade smile at each other.]
HOLLY: Actually, we are. Darn! Well it was nice seeing you. (Holly pushes Susan towards the door.) Oh, you dropped your necklace.

  [Holly gives her a small gold locket on a chain. Susan walks back to Slade, and holds out the necklace.]

SUSAN: Slade, would you do this up for me? I can never get it fastened properly. That's probably why it fell off!
SLADE: Sure.

  [He takes the necklace and fastens it around her neck a bit too slowly for Holly's liking who looks really annoyed.]

HOLLY: You know, Slade, we have to get to that restaurant or you might lose your job.
SUSAN: Well, I've got to go. Nice to see you Holly. Slade, if you ever feel like a chat, I'm just down the hall, number 57..
HOLLY: Well, I'm here. Which is a lot closer since he IS here. Goodbye. (She slams the door and turns to face Slade.) How dare you flirt with her? Right under my nose and in my flat!
SLADE: So you do find me irresistible?.
HOLLY: I don't know what I think. I'm going to get changed. I take it you aren't, that bloody jacket is never out of sight! (She stalks towards her bedroom, gets to the door and turns to face Slade.) And by the way, I thought the 'necklace' routine was a bit obvious! You were practically drooling down her top, what there was of it anyway!
SLADE: Holly..

  [She slams the door in his face. Slade walks into the kitchen to finish his coffee. A few minutes later, Holly emerges, dressed up, holding a necklace out.]

HOLLY: (really sarcastic) OHH Sladey. could you please help me with my's so tricky to do up! Ha ha ha! And I really need any excuse to stand near you my darling! (Slade looks annoyed but takes necklace from Holly.) And make sure you take AGES doing it up and remember to look right down my top so obviously, and stroke my hair. No wonder you're irresistible!
SLADE: Come on Holly.
HOLLY: No I will not 'come on'. Not only do you flirt with her in front of me, you do it on a day where you've been rude to me ALL DAY. Since I'm a good friend, I'm not bothered. But I AM bothered by this. Anyway, we're 10 minutes late. Let's go.

  Scene: Black Magic restaurant. Slade and Holly are eating dinner.

SLADE: Listen, Holly, I'm really sorry for what happened earlier. I'm sorry for upsetting you, will you forgive me.? (He gives her The Look and Holly smiles at him.)
HOLLY: I suppose so. But don't do that again in front of me. It makes me feel like you don't notice I'm there.
SLADE: I won't do it again. I guess I've just got a thing for blondes.. (Holly looks crushed.) I didn't mean it. Brunettes are of course very sexy as well. Anyway, the important thing is that I'm sorry for upsetting you because you're my best friend Holly and I'd never do anything to hurt you, OK?
HOLLY: Thanks. So now we're best friends again, are you going to tell me what's been bugging you?
SLADE: Of course I am, I'm just sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

  [They smile at each other. At that moment, a waiter approaches their table.]

WAITER: Excuse me miss, would you like to try a free sample of wine?
HOLLY: No thanks, I've got to drive home.
SLADE: I will!
WAITER: I think it's really for a young lady's taste buds. It's low alcohol, I guarantee your driving will not be affected.
SLADE: Go on Holly.
HOLLY: OK, but only half a glass. (Waiter pours wine then leaves.) So, Slade, confession time, what's up?
SLADE: It's not the right time or place here. We're keeping an eye on Wilson remember, and what I have to tell you is very important to me Holly.
HOLLY: Fine, let's go. Wilson obviously isn't going to show, it's past 11.
SLADE: You're right. (They get up to leave.) Don't forget your wine.

  [She drinks wine in one gulp then Slade gives her her coat and they leave.]

  Scene: Outside the restaurant.

HOLLY: Do you think you could drive me home, Slade? I'm suddenly feeling really ill.
SLADE: Are you all right?
HOLLY: Oh, yeah, it's probably just a stomach bug or something. Here's the key.

  [Slade opens the passenger door for Holly and helps her in. Then he goes round to the driver's side and gets in. He starts the car.]

HOLLY: Thanks for a lovely evening.
SLADE: Don't thank me, thank Grisham!
HOLLY: No, I mean it. You've never told me I was your best friend.
SLADE: I thought you knew. Ummm.. Holly, just out of curiosity, is that how you feel about me?
HOLLY: Of course it is, silly!

  [They smile at each other.]

SLADE: OK, here we are. Now Holly, are you sure you're going to be all right? I can stay if you want me to?
HOLLY: You know, I think that would be a good idea, if you don't mind sleeping on the sofa?
SLADE: What, when you've got all that room in your big, comfy double bed?! I'm kidding OK!

  [Slade gets out of the car and helps Holly out. He locks the car and they slowly walk up the steps to her block of flats, Slade has his arm around Holly.]

  Scene: The corridor to Holly's flat.

HOLLY: Slade, I feel really ill. I'm going straight to bed, is that OK?
SLADE: Yep. I'll even come and check on you in an hour or so, and I'll phone Grisham in the morning. Oh, and Holly, if there's anything you need in the night, just ask.
HOLLY: Thanks Slade, that's really.. (Holly faints in Slade's arms.)
SLADE: Oh my God! Holly! HOLLY!! Can you hear me? Come on Holly!

  [He gets the keys out of his pocket and opens the front door. Then he picks Holly up and carries her into her room and lays her on her bed.]

SLADE: Come on Holly! Wake up!

  [He checks her breathing- it is OK but slow so he runs to the phone and dials 999.]

SLADE: Ambulance. Uh huh. It's my friend Holly. Holly Turner. She's unconscious but she is breathing, slowly though. I don't know what to do! OK, Slade. Jeff Slade. 67 Sundown Court, Park Road. Thanks. Bye.

  [Slade rushes back to Holly and stays with her until the ambulance arrives a few minutes later. They ring the doorbell. Slade opens the door.]

PARAMEDIC: Are you Jeff Slade?
SLADE: Yeah, my friend Holly's in here. (He leads them to her bedroom.)
PARAMEDIC: What happened?
SLADE: We came home and she wasn't feeling well, and she fainted.
PARAMEDIC: OK, sir, calm down. Holly. Holly. can you hear me? (Paramedics treat and try to wake Holly.) We'll have to take her in. Would you like to come? Are you her husband?
SLADE: No, we're just friends, but I want to be contacted as soon as she wakes up, OK? She'll need someone to come and see her, she's got no family. This is the number OK? ANY TIME, even if it's the middle of the night, OK?
PARAMEDIC: Of course sir.
SLADE: [Slade goes over to Holly and kisses her on the cheek.] You'll be OK, Holly.

  [The paramedics and Holly leave.]

  Scene: Holly's flat

  [Slade goes into Holly's room and gets undressed then gets into her bed. He is about to go to sleep when there is a knock at the door. Slade, dressed only in his boxer shorts, goes to answer it.]

SUSAN: Slade!
SLADE: Uh.. hi Susan, what are you doing here?
SUSAN: I came to see Holly, but I can see she's uh.. busy. I'll call back.
SLADE: No, you don't understand, Holly's gone to the hospital, I'm just looking after her flat.
SUSAN: Oh, well in THAT case, here's my coat. Mr Slade, you do look quite tasty in your underwear!
SLADE: Right.. Don't you want to know about Holly?

  [Susan walks into the kitchen and Slade follows.]

SUSAN: Of course. Is she going to be all right?
SLADE: They think so. They think it may be food poisoning.
SUSAN: Oh well then, no need to worry, eh? Holly tells me you have a thing for blondes, Slade!
SLADE: Well, you know, it's just hair!
SUSAN: So you and Holly are just friends eh?
SLADE: That's right. erm, shall we see what's on the telly?

  [Susan stops him getting to the TV by standing in his way.]

SUSAN: You know Slade, we could be perfect for each other
SLADE: You know, it's funny you mentioned that, because that's EXACTLY what I said to Holly the other day.
SUSAN: (moving closer) I don't think so. Holly's very inexperienced when it comes to men, she won't know what we're getting up to, don't worry about her finding out. Come on Slade, you know you want me.

  [Slade looks worried but Susan can see in his face that he does like her. She kisses him.]

  Scene: Holly's bedroom. Slade is asleep in her bed. There are voices in the background. Slade wakes up but is dozy.

SLADE: Bloody next door neighbours.

  [He turns over, puts a pillow over his head and tries to go back to sleep. However, a few minutes later the front door slams. Slade sits up with a start, looks around and gets out of bed. He goes to the front door and looks down the corridor but no-one's there. He then searches the flat and goes back to the bedroom. The clock says 3:09 am. He then goes back to sleep.]

  Scene: Holly's bedroom. Slade is asleep in her bed.

  [The telephone rings. Slade puts his hand out to the side of the bed, but there is no phone there. After a few seconds he realises where he is and gets up to answer it.]

SLADE: Hello?
NURSE: Mr Slade?
SLADE: Yep. Is it about Holly? Is she awake?
NURSE: Yes, she woke up about half an hour ago. She's going to be fine. You can come and get her at 7 if you want to.
SLADE: Yes, I'll be there about that time.
NURSE: OK, bye.

  [He hangs up the phone then goes into the kitchen, shutting the doors behind him. He puts the kettle on and turns on the TV. The 6am Breakfast News is just starting. Suddenly, he hears a door slam. He goes out, checks the flat and the outside corridor but everything is OK. He is suspicious after the door slamming at 3am but decides to consult Holly first.]

  Scene: The hospital. Slade walks up to a reception desk holding a bunch of flowers..

SLADE: I'm here about Holly Turner?
NURSE: Are you Mr Slade? (Slade nods.) Oh yes, Holly's been asking for you. She's really excited that you're coming to pick her up.
SLADE: (flattered) Really?
NURSE: She's just in there.

  [She points to a door which Slade walks through. Holly is lying in a bed. She sees Slade and grins, then sits up.]

SLADE: These are for you. Not carnations either! (He hands her the flowers.)
HOLLY: What's wrong with carnations?
SLADE: Danny told me you hated them. He said you threw a bunch away.
HOLLY: It wasn't the flowers I didn't like, it was the man!
SLADE: Oh. Who was he?
HOLLY: We went out once but I hated him. He couldn't take the hint and kept sending me flowers, carnations.
SLADE: Well, I bought you a perfectly good bunch of flowers that are now in the bin thanks to Danny!
HOLLY: Sorry! Trust Danny to get his wires crossed!
SLADE: Holly, I don't mean to worry you but.

  [At that moment, Grisham bursts in with Morris and Nicky. She hands Holly a bag of grapes.]

GRISHAM: How are you feeling Turner? We think the man who poisoned you may have been John Wilson, and because of this, we're in charge of the case. And that includes you Slade! Turner, are you sure you've never met the man? Why would he want to poison you?
HOLLY: I've never met him, I know the name though, he used to be a scientist of Quantum Physics like my Dad. Anyway, the strange thing is that the doctors said he never meant to kill me, just knock me out. The poison wasn't deadly.
SLADE: Oh no..
GRISHAM: What? Anyway, Morris and Robson are investigating the restaurant, witnesses etc. I don't suppose you two saw anything last night?
SLADE: Uh.. no. Sorry.
GRISHAM: I might have known. Slade, I want you after Wilson. You can start later since you have to take Turner home, but if you think you're getting the day off, you've got another think coming! (She leaves.)
HOLLY: What's wrong? I saw that expression.
SLADE: Well.
HOLLY: What is it?
SLADE: I don't want to worry you.
HOLLY: I want to know!
SLADE: OK, at about 3 o' clock this morning, I heard voices and the door slam, but no one was there. Then at 6 am, the door slammed again- no one was there.
HOLLY: Oh my God. Take me home Slade, now!

  [She gets out of bed and heads for the door. Slade holds up her pile of clothes.]

SLADE: Holly, don't you think you're forgetting something?
HOLLY: (seeing pile) Oh.. yeah

  Scene: Holly's flat (kitchen)

HOLLY: OK, nothing's missing in here. What about the sitting room, did you check there?
SLADE: No, why?
HOLLY: Well, the door's wide open.
SLADE: I didn't open them, I haven't even gone in the sitting room.
HOLLY: So, where did you sleep?
SLADE: In your bed.sorry, it just looked really comfortable.
HOLLY: Oh, that's OK. But, if you didn't open the doors, who did? Oh no! [She race towards the sitting room and begins checking the machine. After a few minutes, she looks at Slade.] The electro foretic processor.. It's gone. Someone must have stolen it. Slade, do you know what this means- SOMEONE SAW MY MACHINE!
SLADE: Calm down, what are you going to do, call the police?! Say a part of your time machine's missing?! We'll have to look for it ourselves, I'm sure it's around here somewhere. You take the bedroom and I'll take the kitchen, OK?

  [The door bell rings. Holly answers it- it's Susan.]

SUSAN: Hi Holly. Listen, have you seen my locket? I've lost it again.
HOLLY: No sorry, I haven't. But we're about to search for Slade's missing.. Pen. I'll tell you if we see anything, OK?
SUSAN: OK, thanks, bye.

  [Slade continues to search kitchen, Holly starts to search bedroom. She is searching under her bed covers when she spies a small gold pendant. She picks it up and heads towards the kitchen- it is not hers.]

HOLLY: (Furious) Slade! What is this locket doing in my bed? You said you slept in my bed, which was bad enough but WITH ANOTHER WOMAN? In my bed? Susan of all people! And when I was lying in hospital! You said you'd never do anything to hurt me Slade, well NEWSFLASH! You have! No wonder Susan came here when she thought her locket was missing! HOW COULD YOU!

  [Holly runs into her room, slamming the door behind her. She lies on her bed crying. Slade looks puzzled. He goes to Holly's door and knocks on it.]

SLADE: Holly, you've got it all wrong. Nothing happened between me and Susan. I admit I fancied her at first, but after she came round last night..uh oh.
HOLLY: So now you're admitting it!
SLADE: Holly, you don't understand.. She came to see you, but I was here. She tried to get me into bed! I didn't want her, not after that anyway, you were lying ill and all she could think about was seducing me! She was a right tart, not my type. Anyway, I'd only met her 5 minutes ago..and I promised you I'd never hurt you, Holly, please believe me.

  [Holly comes out of her room and holds up the locket.]

HOLLY: So, how do you explain this?
SLADE: It's mine, OK, it has sentimental value and I was really worried about you Holly, but I felt guilty..
HOLLY: Why did you feel guilty?
SLADE: Now isn't the time to tell you with part of the machine missing. Look, have you calmed down now or what?
HOLLY: Yeah, I guess I'm still feeling a bit rough, eh? I'm sorry Slade. It's Susan I don't trust though, not you! She has a way of getting any man she wants. including mine.
SLADE: What do you mean?
HOLLY: She is the reason I split up with Steven. When I saw him again though, he told me how sorry he was and that he shouldn't have done that to me. Stupidly enough, I believed him.
SLADE: Well, look on the bright side- if you were still going out with Steven, you might have never met me! (He hugs her. They go into the kitchen, and Slade shuts the door.) Well, it doesn't look as though the part is here. If only I'd stopped him this morning. Wait a minute. Does the machine work without the electro whatever it is?
HOLLY: Theoretically, yes, but only for one journey, so you'd get stuck in the loop of infinity.
SLADE: But, if we travelled back and got the electro jobby, we'd be able to make the other journey, right?
HOLLY: Right.. But it's too risky.
SLADE: How else are you going to get it back? Seriously Holly, whoever it was will be long gone by now, and as I said before, the police aren't going to be much help! Come on Holly.
HOLLY: OK, fine, as long as you realise that we could be forever living the same experiences over and over again.. Just like my father.
SLADE: Well, if I'm with you, I've got no reason to complain have I?!

  [They go into the sitting room, shut the doors and shutters, flick switches, etc, and time travel back 5 hours. Holly's watch says 3:08 am. ]

SLADE: Do you want to go to my flat for a few hours, the bloke came at about 6 from what I remember. We can't stay here.
HOLLY: Why not?
SLADE: Because I'm about to come looking for us! Come on! (They run out the door and in his rush, Slade slams it.) Whoops!

  [They run into the lift area and look out the window of the door. They see Slade look around and go back into the flat.]

  Scene: Slade's flat

SLADE: Do you want a coffee or something?
HOLLY: I don't feel up to it, sorry.
SLADE: That's OK, listen, the door slammed just after the Breakfast news was on at 6am, so if we leave here at about 5.30, we'll be OK, especially since we've got the car.
HOLLY: Yeah..
SLADE: Holly, go and lie down, you aren't feeling well. I'll wake you up at 5.30, I promise.
HOLLY: OK, thanks Slade.

  [She walks up the stairs to his room.]

  Scene: Slade's room. Holly is asleep in his bed.

  [Slade walks up the stairs and into his room. He sees Holly sleeping and can't bring himself to wake her up, however he knows he has to, so he goes over to her and gently shakes her.]

SLADE: Holly...Holly. Wake up!
HOLLY: Oh. Slade! Why are you here?
SLADE: You're in my flat remember? We time travelled?
HOLLY: Oh yeah. Oh, I don't feel so good.
SLADE: Listen, I'll go and get this bloke alone if you want me to.
HOLLY: No, I have to fix it back in. I'll be OK.

  [She gets out of bed and looks really wobbly. Slade helps her downstairs. He then gets the car keys off the desk and they leave the flat.]

  Scene: Holly's flat.

  [John Wilson is snooping around outside Holly's flat. He picks the lock and goes in, he is not quiet as he knows Holly is in hospital. He goes to the machine and stares at it, amazed. He is about to take a closer look when he hears the TV on in the kitchen, grabs the electro foretic processor and runs out the room, leaving the doors open. He runs out the front door, slamming it. Slade comes out and looks around.]

  Scene: Outside Sundown Court. Slade & Holly are outside Sundown Court.

SLADE: I'll talk to Wilson. All you have to do is make sure you're close by to grab know. Hide behind that wall OK? Do you have anything in your car like papers or something?
HOLLY: There's a clip board on the back seat.
SLADE: Good girl. OK, get behind that wall. See you in a minute.

  [Holly goes behind the wall near her front steps. Slade goes to Holly's car and opens it, gets out a clipboard and shuts the door but doesn't lock it. A few seconds later John Wilson comes down the front steps and to his car.]

SLADE: Excuse me sir, will you sign this please as you are parking in an area where you need a permit.
WILSON: Sure. [He signs the paper, putting the electro foretic processor on a nearby wall. Holly grabs it.]
SLADE: If you like, I can get you a permit and you'll have no further problems. I've just got to get the form out of my car, it's over here.

  [Wilson goes to Holly's car with Slade. Slade gets out the 'documents'.]

SLADE: I'm sorry sir.

  [Slade punches him, knocking him out. He then grabs Wilson and puts him in the back seat of Holly's car. Then Slade & Holly get in and they drive off.]

  Scene: Outside Sundown Court 2 hours later.

  [Wilson is now tied up, gagged, etc and still unconscious. Holly & Slade get out with the electro foretic processor and lock the doors. They run up the steps to Holly's block of flats. Holly looks at her watch.]

HOLLY: 10 minutes.

  Scene: The corridor to Holly's flat.

HOLLY: Right, let's get in there and fix the machine.
SLADE: Holly! Wait!

  [He gets down and looks through the keyhole. Slade and Holly are talking in the hall. After a few minutes, they hug and walk into the kitchen and Slade shuts the kitchen door.]

HOLLY: Slade, we've only got 5 minutes! I need to fix it remember, before we travel back!
SLADE: Oh yeah.. It's OK now anyway, it's safe.

  [They open the door and creep into the sitting room, shutting the door behind them. Holly begins to work on the machine. Half way through the watch begins to beep- 3 minute warning. Just in time, Holly fixes the electro foretic processor and replaces the watch. They travel back.]

SLADE: It worked! You're a genius Holly!
HOLLY: Yeah, whatever.
SLADE: Right, I'm going to get Wilson. You stay here.

  Scene: Holly's kitchen.

  [Wilson is on a kitchen chair, still unconscious. Slade is trying to shake him to wake him up.]

SLADE: Wake up, come on.. We haven't got time for this.

  [Wilson slowly wakes up.]

WILSON: What's going on, who are you?
SLADE: Jeff Slade. And, as you know, this is Holly Turner. And you've got some explaining to do. Why did you poison Holly? And why did you steal the electro foretic processor? Hey! I finally remembered the name of the damn thing!
WILSON: OK, I'll tell you. Holly, I knew your father..
SLADE: That's MISS TURNER to you!
WILSON: Fine. Anyway, I was her father's research partner when MISS TURNER was very young. Her mother was dead, but Miss Turner and her Dad were still living in their family home in Kent. We were working on research for the Institute Of Time. I invented the electro foretic processor and Miss Turner's father stole the designs.
HOLLY: That's a lie! My father would never do anything like that.
WILSON: I'm afraid it's true Holly...Sorry, MISS TURNER. Anyway, Frederick stole the designs and moved you and your father to this flat. Mainly for the money but also to get away from me.

  [Holly starts crying and puts her head in her hands. Slade goes over to her and puts his arm around her.]

WILSON: I never meant to kill Holly, just knock her out. I wanted to get her out of the way so I could get the electro foretic processor back and continue my research. But now I've discovered that the time machine is already invented I needn't bother. (He pulls out a gun on Holly and Slade.) Miss Turner, get over here.

  [Holly goes over to Wilson. Slade tries to stop her but Wilson holds a gun to Holly's head and Slade backs off.]

WILSON: Right, all I want to know is how to work the time machine.

  [Wilson & Holly walk to the sitting room. Holly still is being held at gunpoint. Slade follows nervously.]

WILSON: How does it work? Tell me.
HOLLY: Never.
WILSON: You'd better or you're dead.
HOLLY: Fine. You turn these, switch on the tape recorder, shut all the shutters and the door and flick these switches, OK?
WILSON: If this doesn't work..
HOLLY: It will, OK? When you've time travelled, pick up this watch.
WILSON: Fine, now get out.

  [Wilson shoves Holly out the room. Slade catches her. Wilson time travels and gets 5 seconds but doesn't realise it. Then, he looks at the watch with one second to spare. He realises and screams but it is too late. He is lost in the loop of infinity.]

HOLLY: He's gone..
SLADE: Just like Marlowe.
HOLLY: (softly) And my Dad.
SLADE: It's OK Holly.
HOLLY: No, it isn't. My Dad didn't deserve to be lost but I can't believe he'd do such a thing to Wilson.
SLADE: It's no big deal- every invention is made up by loads of people, but only one gets the credit.
HOLLY: What credit? My father didn't get any for his work, and now I find it wasn't all his!
SLADE: Well, no one's perfect, and no one's going to find out either, OK? Listen Holly, I've got a present for you.

  [They walk into the kitchen and sit down.]

HOLLY: What is it?
SLADE: I've got some money- a lot of it. I've got no use for it so, I want to give it to you so you can finish the machine.
HOLLY: What are you talking about? You haven't got any money!
SLADE: Yes, I have.
HOLLY: Where did you get it?
SLADE: It's my wife's.
HOLLY: What wife?!
SLADE: I was married, 10 years ago. A week after the wedding, she died, in a car accident. I really loved her Holly. She died 10 years ago yesterday, that's why I've been so upset.
HOLLY: Why didn't you tell me? Slade, I'm so sorry.. The locket?
SLADE: Yes, it was hers. That's why I felt guilty. Here I was, caring for you, on the anniversary of her death. I thought she would be angry at me. This is a picture of her.

  [He shows her the open locket.]

HOLLY: She's got brown hair!
SLADE: Yeah, as I told you, brunettes are very sexy.
HOLLY: She's beautiful.

  [Slade nods.]

SLADE: Anyway, about this money, I didn't deserve it- I only got it because we were married. I persuaded the bride's family to take half of it but they insisted I kept the rest. I don't want it though. But you, you need it. You can put it to a good use.
HOLLY: I couldn't possibly accept it, Slade.

  [Slade gets up and pulls Holly up to face him.]

SLADE: Yes, you can. It's time I moved on from my wife and that means getting rid of the money. I'm not forgetting her, just getting on with my life. We're supposed to be a team, Holly, but you give me everything and I give you nothing in return.
HOLLY: You give me your friendship. No one else understands me like you do.
SLADE: It's not enough.
HOLLY: So, you really want me to have this money? It's for me?
SLADE: No; It's for US.

  [He kisses her romantically and then hugs her.]

  The end